Online Learning Success Course

A self-paced course to support your learning success in online courses at CSULB

Develop essential tech skills for college! Enroll in our self-paced course to boost your digital learning and study habits at CSULB.

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After requesting access, the course will appear on your Canvas Dashboard and course list within two business days. This course will remain on Canvas to access whenever you need it. The estimated time to review all course materials is about 3 hours. Explore at your own pace!

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What You’ll Get in the Course:

  • Improved familiarity with using Canvas.
  • An introduction to digital tools and applications commonly used in an online course.
  • Practical tips and techniques for staying motivated and managing time.
  • Greater knowledge of the many CSULB support resources (academic and other).
  • Digital Badge: You will automatically receive a digital badge upon reviewing the course's content. 
  • The Online Learning Success Course does not include a financial incentive.