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Faculty Professional Development

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ATS Faculty Professional Development Programs are designed to meet the diverse needs of CSULB faculty and combine best practices from established models of online, hybrid, and hyflex course design. Integrated support within the programs includes coaching sessions with ATS instructional designers and one-on-one mentorship with QM-certified, CSULB faculty peers.

PLEASE NOTE: Funding for these programs may expire after Spring 2022 stipends are dispersed. ATS will continue to offer these programs, but we cannot guarantee stipend awards beyond Spring 2022.

Program Descriptions

Instructional Technology Foundations

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This program is ideal for faculty new to CSULB or those who did not complete the ATS Online Learning Studio or Go Virtual programs previously offered.

In this program, we'll cover BeachBoard and Zoom basics and present foundational concepts for online course design and student success. We’ll also guide faculty in selecting relevant technology tools and present techniques for constructing interactive and engaging learning content for alternative modes of instruction (remote/online/hybrid/hyflex).

Following completion of this program, faculty will be eligible to move on to the Quality Essentials 1 program as a next step in the sequence of this professional development series.

Offered:  Winter 2022  |  Summer 2022  |  Fall 2022

Quality Essentials 1

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This program introduces online course standards adapted from the internationally recognized Quality Matters rubric, selected specifically to meet the needs of current CSULB faculty.

During the program, you will apply a set of standards to one of your existing online courses. These standards include guidance on writing clear learning objectives, using a variety of instructional materials and activities, supporting student learning, and more. Review the Quality Essential 1 Standards Checklist [PDF].

Offered:  Spring 2022  |  Fall 2022

Quality Essentials 2

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With the guidance of a CSULB Faculty Peer Reviewer, participants build on expertise acquired in Quality Essential 1 and continue to apply additional standards to their courses.

Completion of this program will prepare your course for Quality Matters certification (optional). Review the Quality Essential 2 Standards Checklist [PDF].

Offered:  Spring 2022  |  Summer 2022

Course Peer Review

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In this program, instructors work individually with a CSULB faculty member certified as a Quality Matters Peer Reviewer, who will provide valuable feedback and help prepare your course for QM certification. CSULB faculty Peer Reviewers are part of our Quality Assurance Community of Practice.

Offered:  Spring 2022  |  Fall 2022

Hyflex Instructional Techniques

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HyFlex is a course design model that combines face-to-face with online learning that gives students options for attending in person, participating virtually, or watching recordings. Visit our Hyflex Classrooms and Instruction site for more information about resources at CSULB.

In this program, we will present techniques and best practices for teaching in a Hyflex classroom to create an engaging learning environment. In addition, you will have the opportunity of taking a personal tour of a Hyflex Classroom through an appointment with our Classroom Support team (  The learning objectives of this program are to:

  • Assist faculty in developing student learning objectives using core principles of Hyflex design.
  • Identify effective student assessment strategies.
  • Present techniques and activities for engaging students in different modalities.   
  • Provide materials and resources that can be used in the classroom.

Offered:  Spring 2022  |  Summer 2022  |  Fall 2022