Anthology Ally

Anthology Ally (formerly Blackboard Ally) works within Canvas to identify accessibility issues and provide guidance to instructors on the remediation of course materials. The primary features of Ally include:

"Accessibility Indicators" are color-coded dials visible to instructors only which serve as a quick visual reference to accessibility issues in course content.


ally indicators

Select the indicator icon to open the Feedback Panel (see below) for tips on improving the accessibility of specific content items.


indicators in beachboard

Use Ally's on-screen tips to fix specific issues and make overall improvements to course accessibility--all within Canvas.

instructor feedback panel in BeachBoard showing course score

Ally automatically generates alternative formats of course materials (without affecting originals) such as mp3 audio, electronic braille, HTML, ePub, and optical character recognition PDF.

Students can then download the file format appropriate to their environment, learning needs, or devices:

alternative formats list

Instructor Resources

Learn more about Ally's features and how to make them work for you:

Resources to Share with Your Students

Use these resources in your courses to inform students about the benefits of Ally: