Wireless Printing

Upload your documents to the Mobile Print Portal when you are physically on campus and connected to campus WiFi. Visit any of the designated campus print stations to pay for and complete your print job. 

CSULB Mobile Print Portal

Documents uploaded to the portal can be printed at the following locations:

For best results, make sure you have sufficient Beach Bucks loaded on your ID card to pay for the prints you will need. Visit How to Add Money for instructions. 

  1. Save your document on your device using an easily identifiable filename.
  2. Go to the CSULB Mobile Print web portal.
  3. Click "Upload" and select the document you want to print. 
  4. Visit any of the printing locations on campus to retrieve your print job. Follow the instructions to pay for the print jobs at the printing station.

Beach Bucks are accessed through the Beach ID Card and can be used as a form of payment for printing. Deposit funds online:

  1. Visit Beach Card Deposits.
  2. Click on "Make a Guest Deposit."
  3. Enter your name and ID number.
  4. Select the deposit amount to be added.
  5. Enter your billing information & click submit.
  6. Select next on the Transaction Approved page.
  7. Select Make Deposit.
  8. Send a receipt to your email.