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Horn Center

The Horn Center

Important Information for Accessing the Horn Center

With the health and safety of our campus community in mind, please be aware of some new guidelines for accessing the Horn Center:

  • Only those holding a CSULB ID card will be allowed entry into the Horn Center.
  • Enter through the main door of the building to present your ID; side entrances will be closed during this period.
  • No more than 20 visitors at a time will be allowed entry.

Thank you for your understanding as we make efforts to balance the needs of students with statewide and university guidelines for health and safety

The Horn Center benefits students by ensuring open access to amenities such as a wi-fi enabled study lounge, multiple adaptive (height-adjustable) computer workstations, self-service print/copy machines, and the Open Computer Lab. Faculty benefit from the convenient location to borrow equipment needed for classrooms on this side of campus.  

Services available at the Horn Center include:

  • Classroom Equipment Checkout: Faculty can reserve and pick up classroom equipment through the Classroom Support Services desk, located next to the Computer Lab.  This equipment is also available from the main ATS office, in AS-120
  • Printing, Copying, Scanning:  Self-service stations are available inside the central corridor as well as within the Computer Lab. 
  • Technology Help Desk: The THD, easily accessible just inside the main entrance, is staffed with experts who are ready to solve issues related to personal computing as well as campus data systems and software.
  • University Art Museum: While spending the day at The Horn Center, students can refresh their minds and enjoy a study break at the adjoining museum.

The Horn Center Computer Lab

As the largest open computer lab in the CSU system, the Horn Center Computer Lab ensures equal access to high-quality equipment, software, and onsite technical assistance needed for academic success and creative expression. The lab is open to all CSULB students, regardless of degree program or area of study.

The Computer Lab provides:

  • 189 PC and 52 Mac desktop computers 
  • MS Office and Adobe Creative Suite software in all computers
  • Direct connections to self-service printers
  • Collaborative work space for group assignments 
  • ADA (adaptive) workstations with height-adjustable tables, large print keyboards, and lighted book magnifier units.  
  • Onsite reservation system to request up to 4 hours of computer time during peak hours

As a former library, the Horn Center facility offers the ambiance to inspire focused concentration as well as the essential services that students need - all under one roof.