Kaltura MediaSpace

MediaSpace is a web-based media portal available to all CSULB faculty, staff, and students. MediaSpace is similar to YouTube, allowing users to upload video and audio files, organize them into channels and playlists, and share them privately or publicly. 

Attend an ATS MediaSpace Workshop or watch the recording to find out how you can use this tool for your projects and courses.

Why MediaSpace?

  • It's like our own CSULB-branded YouTube site - with no advertisements!
  • Create custom members-only groups for secure sharing and collaborating through CSULB authentication.
  • Save your media collections in one easy-access platform; it serves as a one-stop-shop synched with Canvas for easy download to courses.
  • Organize videos into playlists and content chapters.
  • Learn about users from media analytics.
  • Get automatic transcription of media.