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Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is a dynamic online polling platform that allows students to respond to custom, teacher-generated polls through text messaging (SMS), smartphone, or computer. It can be used as a formative assessment strategy that enhances and amplifies classroom discussion, participation, and understanding.

If you'd like more information about using this tool in your course, please fill out our Interest Form and an ATS instructional designer will contact you to schedule a consultation:


Access Your CSULB Poll Everywhere Account

Create your account

poll everywhere chicletBoth students and faculty must log in to CSULB Single-Sign-On and select the Poll Everywhere icon to create an account. 

After Account Activation:

Resources from Poll Everywhere

Set Up Poll Everywhere in BeachBoard

Instructors: Follow the steps below to set up Poll Everywhere in BeachBoard and create graded activities.

Add Poll Everywhere to a BeachBoard Course

  1. Go to Poll Everywhere through the CSULB Single-Sign-On to ensure you are logged in.
  2. In a separate browser tab, log in to your BeachBoard course.
  3. Go to Edit Course.
  4. Select External Learning Tools.
  5. Select LTI Advantage.
    LTI advantage tab
  6. Click New Link.
    new link option
  7. Select Poll Everywhere from the Deployment dropdown.
  8. Type in Poll Everywhere for the Name.
  9. Enter the URL:  ""
  10. Select Save and Close.
  11. Go to Content.
  12. Select Add Existing Activities (If you do not see this option right away, be sure to create a new module titled, “Poll Everywhere” in the Content section).
    add existing activities
  13. A dropdown menu will open. Select the External Learning tools option.
    extermal learning tools
  14. A new window will open to Add Activity.
  15. Scroll down to Poll Everywhere.
  16. Select the hyperlink “Poll Everywhere.
    add poll everywhere
  17. Select the dropdown arrow next to Poll Everywhere External Learning Tool Link.
    poll everywhere external learning tool link
  18. Select Edit Properties In-place in the dropdown menu.
    edit properties in place
  19. Select the checkbox for Open as External Resource.
    open as external resource
  20. Refresh browser page. The Poll Everywhere link should now open in a new tab.
  21. Log into Poll Everywhere website using CSULB email.
  22. Select the Continue to option.
    continue to LMS
  23. Select Import Roster.
  24. Select Go to the Participants page.
  25. Verify students from your course are showing on the participants’ page.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the LTI connection is ever permanently deleted in a course, access to all Poll Everywhere Activities will be lost within that BeachBoard course. The LTI will need to be reconnected starting back at the top of this document.

Create and Embed a Poll Everywhere Activity

Creating Questions with Point Values

Point values must be designated prior to students responding to polling activities. If points are not assigned before students respond, those points will not be collected and grading may need to be completed manually to give credit to students. Only Multiple Choice and Clickable Image activities can be scored.

The following steps will show how to create activities with points to be imported into BeachBoard.  

  1. Go to Poll Everywhere Activities.
  2. Add a New Group (Optional):
    This is recommended for staying organized if you are using Poll Everywhere for more than one course. You can also assign your students to these specific groups and create activities that only belong to one group.
  3. Select New Activity.
    new activity
  4. Select the type of activity you would like to use. In this example, we will use a multiple-choice question.
    multiple choice
  5. Enter the question text and answers. You can add answer options but clicking Add option.
    add option button
  6. Make sure to select a correct answer by clicking on the checkmark to the left of an answer choice. This is important for exporting the graded information.
    checkmark on answer
  7. Assign the activity to a group (if you created one), Add Another Activity or click Create to finish.
    add another activity
  8. When looking at your Activity after clicking Create, you can modify the Visual Settings and Activate the course. 
    Note: For your students to respond to an activity it must be active. Only one activity can be active at any given time
  9. Select on the Present tab after making any necessary adjustments.
    Clicking on Present
  10. Select the Share and Embed dropdown and copy the Copy embed script.
  11. Return to your course in BeachBoard and go to the Content area you would like to place this activity for your students.
  12. Select New.
  13. Create a file.
  14. Open Source Editor:
    html source icon
  15. Highlight current text and replace with copy embedded script.
    script to embed in html source
  16. Select Save and close.
  17. Embedded images may show a "Pre-Registration required" notice.
    pre-registration notice
  18. Students should be able to access Poll Everywhere within BeachBoard based on their SSO Login.

Export Graded Activities to BeachBoard

IMPORTANT NOTE: Students should use CSULB email accounts when accessing Poll Everywhere. Once all graded Poll Everywhere activities have been completed in the course, follow the instructions below.

  1. Visit the CSULB Single Sign On and select the Poll Everywhere icon.
    poll everywhere chiclet
  2. Once logged in to Poll Everywhere, return to CSULB Single-Sign-On and select the BeachBoard icon.
  3. When in the BeachBoard course, return to the hidden LTI Poll Everywhere link you created and select or click on it.
    LTI poll everywhere
  4. Select the Continue to option.
    continue to lms
  5. Select Create Gradebook for export (NOTE: if you have already created the grade book you will get an option to View Gradebook).
    create gradebook
  6. Select the Polls you wish to be brought into the BeachBoard Gradebook:
    select polls
    Image Source:
  7. Once in the Gradebook report, select the Export button:
    export button
    Image Source:
  8. A popup will show Export report; select the Next button. The export will complete in the background.
    export report
    export complete
  9. Upon completion of the export, return back to BeachBoard Gradebook to verify new grade book column has been created:
    BeachBoard gradebook table
     Image Source: