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Classroom Support Services

Classroom Support Services​

Education Driven Technology

Classroom Support Services (CSS) maintains university-supported teaching spaces and equipment at the highest standards to facilitate positive learning outcomes for students.

For assistance, see our Contact Us page for details.

Classroom Support Services strives to ensure classroom presentation equipment meet university expectations of operational wellness by minimizing system downtime with proactive and reactive maintenance. CSS& affords convenient usage acclimatization for faculty and staff in a comprehensive, productive, collaborative climate. CSS is in a continual improvement process, identifying nascent, emerging classroom technologies and developing rational strategies for their adoption while retiring legacy equipment in an environmentally responsible, stately manner. In addition, CSS provides consultative services in the abstraction, conformation, obtainment and installation of presentation and/or adaptive technologies which best reverberate within the CSULB community while optimizing investiture.

CSS is charged with providing proper technical configurations for the classroom and support for designated CSULB special events*.

Who We Serve:

We support all faculty and staff within the Division of Academic Affairs. We support all university classrooms, lecture halls, and active learning classrooms (ALC).

What We Do:

  • Support faculty in the use of the technologies equipped within University Classroom Pool(UCP), support staff in the use of audio/visual presentation technologies throughout various CSULB venues.
  • Equipment Reservation and Checkout
  • Smart Classroom Design and Implementation
  • Support of Video Conferencing
  • Special event consultation and dialogue about your A/V needs and aspirations

Classroom Support Services provides equipment reservation and checkout specifically for CSULB faculty and staff use. Equipment checkout is limited to University personnel, sponsored events, short duration and on Campus only.

Classroom Support Services provides the delivery, setup, and tear down of onsite presentation equipment for indoor or outdoor events and requires 10 business day advance scheduling. All CSS service availability hours are strictly limited to those listed. Please be tolerant of our service hour limitations. Our holistic self service approach is intended to empower and resonate within the CSULB community. Request Special Event Consultation.

Unlocking of rooms Contact Campus Police or Facilities
Media Conversion service  
Room Scheduling Contact Academic Scheduling at or ext. 5-5508
Equipment Delivery and Event Staffing Requires prior approval from the Classroom Support Services Team
Support for non-CSULB personnel Host staff or faculty are responsible for supporting authorized guests or scheduling orientation with CSS 1 business day in advance.
Software training  
Any in-class staffing  
Support or integration of non-CSS assets  

In a concerted effort to curtail our carbon footprint, CSS vigorously affirms the use of renewable, sustainable and rechargeable vehicles, however opting to walk whenever possible. In addition, CSS strives to comply with eco-friendly E-Waste guidelines and enthusiastically supports CSULB's BREATHE doctrines.

CSS embraces a synergistic working partnership with the CSULB community to provide students the best possible educational experience while incorporating all the socially conscious ideals and values that comprise of The Beach.

Go Beach!