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Academic Technology Strategy and Innovation

Academic Technology Strategy and Innovation

The Academic Technology Strategy and Innovation (ATSI) team investigates, develops and implements key plans and processes that aligns Academic Technology Services work with the University's Strategic Plan. ATSI specializes in delicate hemisphere-hopping handling duties across the entire spectrum of technology, communications, analysis, programming and support. Current projects include:

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Always researching, our strategy and innovation team is not just interested in, "What's Next?" but what makes sense in a higher education landscape and what will be valuable to students and instructors on our campus. Our goals are to find solutions that are accessible, equitable and scalable.

We're currently implementing or investigating:

  • Integrating chatbots to supplement support channels
  • Piloting new models of online tutoring and support in partnership with the campus Learning Center.
  • Creating AR, VR and 3D models that can be directly plugged into everyday instructor presentations
  • Building open digital information repositories tied to assessment surveys to create models of curated content for learners
Strategic Planning
C S U L B Pyramid

Our team collaborates with all members of our unit to develop strategic plans that not only align with the priorities of the institution, but steers the course toward the ATS mission and vision for the future. The team leads internal team building and professional development exercises with the intention to promote growth from within.

In the 2018-19 Academic Year, some of the key strategic priorities accomplished by ATS included:

  • Guiding colleges toward a campus-wide increase in online and hybrid course conversions
  • Building an express computer lab in the new Student Success Center
  • Constructing next-generation classrooms in the SSPA building
  • Developing tools within our learning management system to improve data analysis of student learning outcomes
  • Producing personnel development plans for leadership, staff, student assistant and internships
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Our application development team focuses on producing effective and accessible technology solutions. Their duties touch all areas of the campus such as: gathering business requirements, preparing and providing critical institutional data, supporting systems and applications through the full software development life-cycle (vetting, analysis, design, documentation, troubleshooting and support).

Statistical Analysis and Assessment
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Academic Technology Services offers a variety of assessment tools and services to support faculty in the classroom.  Many tools are available to faculty on a complimentary basis from CSULB's Software Depot.

Faculty are encouraged to consult with ATS staff for assistance with the design, implementation, or management of assessment projects related to the following projects:

  • Qualtrics Survey Development
  • Respondus Exam and Quiz Developer
  • Parscore and Scantron Scoring Systems
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Student Perceptions of Teaching (SPOT)
Communications and Web Development
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Our Communications and Web Team focus on developing striking content that engages users while still being accessible for all audiences. By building rapport with the campus community via email, social, and web campaigns, they promote awareness of ATS advancements in the areas of instructional and classroom technology. 

Our Web Team supports all websites and content editors for business units in the Division of Academic Affairs and assists with university web projects related to the central content management system. Among their day-to-day development and support duties, they provide analytics and accessibility remediation for sites under their umbrella.