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Student Perceptions of Teaching (SPOT)

Student Perceptions of Teaching (SPOT)

Student Perceptions of Teaching (SPOT) is an assessment instrument used at CSULB to gather student feedback on faculty teaching. Faculty evaluations help guide the academic department in planning curriculum and determining course offerings. The SPOT process is coordinated by Academic Technology Services on behalf of Faculty Affairs according to Academic Senate Policy PS 17-05.


  • Courses to be evaluated are selected by the academic department.  
  • Evaluations are conducted in over 6,000 courses every fall and spring semester.
  • SPOT is a manual, paper-based process consisting of a large-scale production and distribution of forms.
  • The SPOT process takes approximately 3 months to complete from the point of production to the data analysis of evaluations.
  • Over 210,000 sheets of paper are used per semester.  
  • Instructors teaching hybrid courses can administer SPOT online or on paper. Online courses use online evalutions.
  • The software used for both paper and online evaluations is Class Climate, a product of Scantron.

Student Instructions

For Online Evaluations:

  1. Find the online evaluation link in the BeachBoard menu as "My CSULB Surveys"
  2. If the evaluation link does not appear in the BeachBoard menu, you may have already completed it.
  3. Confirm by checking for a notification in your email account 'Junk' folder.  
  4. Contact if you need assistance.

For Paper Evaluations
Student Instructions [PDF]

Faculty Instructions

Instructors teaching hybrid courses may administer SPOT online or on paper. 

For Paper Evaluations:

  • Verify the course information on the forms.
  • Administer only to the class noted on the forms. 
  • Do not administer during final exams.
  • Give the envelope to a student (instructions are enclosed). 
  • Exit the classroom during evaluation.

For Online Evaluations

  • Instructors will receive email notification when the course has been activated.   
  • Notice of your students' response rate will be emailed to you at the midpoint of the evaluation period. This data is not recorded.
  • Summary reports will be sent to the department with the rest of the SPOT packets.
  • Student comments are included with summary reports.

Deadlines and Requirements

Spring SPOT Memo [PDF]

To obtain SPOT evaluation packets for your course in a timely manner, please submit your request to at least 7 days in advance. For example, if you need a packet by March 7, submit your request no later than March 1.

Spring 2019 Deadlines

February 18:  All requests for early SPOT evaluations must be submitted to

February 25:  Course selection Excel workbooks will be emailed to departments before 5pm.

March 4:  Course selection workbooks must be submitted to no later than 5pm.

March 11:  Final deadline for any changes or corrections. No modifications will be made after 5pm on this date.

April 15:  SPOT packets will be distributed to the department. Administer the forms to the class indicated by the ticket number at the top of the form.

April 19: Online evaluations are open.  Links will be emailed to all state-sponsored students in the course. Administration of paper evaluations can begin.

May 10:  Last day to administer paper evaluations (last day of instruction for the Spring 2019 semester).  Online evaluations will close at 11:59pm.

May 17:  Remove staples and any extraneous attachments from the forms. Place the forms in alphabetical order by instructor into the carton in which the forms were sent. If boxes are returned with forms not in alphabetical order, they will be returned to department and processed after other departments have been completed.

June 21:  Academic Technology Services will email Irregularity Reports to the Dean’s Office and Department Chairs. The statistical summary of SPOT will be provided to the AVP for Faculty Affairs (in secure electronic format), the Dean’s Office (on CD), and the department or program office (two hard copies). The department or program office will then provide one of the two hard copies to individual faculty members immediately. The original hard copy SPOT forms with the student comments included shall be reviewed by the department chair or program director and then delivered to the individual faculty members no later than the end of the first week of instruction.


  • All classes with a C classification and six or more students shall be evaluated. 
  • Departments may vote to require evaluation of specified courses. If so, they shall be uniformly required of all faculty. Faculty may evaluate any of their other classes.
  • Evaluation summary reports will be printed, unless courses are held online. 
  • Missing packages or those containing all uncompleted forms will result in a summary report indicating that no evaluations were submitted for that class.
  • Student evaluations MUST be administered by NON-FACULTY during the instructor’s absence from the class.
  • Evaluations MUST be administered the last three instructional weeks of class. Student evaluations may not be administered before the start of this period. They also may not be administered during finals week. 
  • Faculty members shall not be present during the administration of the forms and shall not handle or see the completed forms until after the statistical summary report is delivered from Academic Technology Services. 
  • No questions can be asked or added to the form during the administration of SPOT.
  • The original hard copy SPOT forms with the student comments included shall be reviewed by the department chair or program director and then delivered to the individual faculty members no later than the end of the first week of instruction.