Lower Division Worksheets

Our Lower Division Worksheets provide a checklist of the Major Specific Requirements (MSR) based on Pre-Major Catalog Term. Only refer to the Lower Division Worksheets below if you are a Pre-Major and your catalog term is Fall 2023. You can view your catalog term in the "Current Academic Objective" box on your Academic Requirements Report (ARR) on MyCSULB.

Screenshot of pre-major requirements catalog term
  • The 2023-2024 MSRs are listed. For previous catalog years, visit the Student Records webpage and click on “Archives”. MSRs change from year to year, so it is important to view the ones based on your catalog year. 
  • The Lower Division Worksheets may also have additional major courses that can be taken as a Pre-Major, but are not MSR (so they are not required to get declared). These are listed below the MSRs. 
  • You can use the Lower Division Worksheets to mark your progress and prioritize meeting MSR by the time you reach 60 units. This is an unofficial tool.  
  • The ARR is the official degree audit that tracks your MSR.  
  • Prerequisites are subject to change. Check the University Catalog for the most recent updates.