Major-Specific Requirements for CSULB Students

While first-year students may be admitted directly into some majors, many majors require that students begin as “pre-majors” and then meet precise major-specific criteria to official declare the major. These criteria include meeting all major-specific degree requirements in the new major and demonstrating a progressively successful academic history that reflects potential success in the major. Upon declaration of major, students must adopt the requirements of the major and any minors in effect at that time in the CSULB Catalog.

All undergraduate students must have a declared major by the time they earn 60 units. This applies equally to students who are:

Select the college of your intended major in the following list to find the current major-specific requirements for the major. Some majors are highly impacted and will be indicated as such.

Applicants for transfer admission to CSULB should see Major-Specific Requirements for Transfer Students.​

Fall 2022 Major-Specific Requirements by College

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Previous Major-Specific Requirements

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