Off-Campus Courses

Each semester many courses are offered off-campus, typically in classrooms in public schools in districts with whom we have established partnerships.

Off-campus Course Requirement in the MSCP

Some subject-specific pedagogy (methods) courses are offered off-campus during the school day to provide students a supervised field experience working directly with children in the Multiple Subject Credential Program (MSCP). Several of the program choices within the MSCP require students to take at least one such off-campus methods course and at least one methods course on campus.

Consult the **special course information** related to the term when courses are offered to identify courses which meet the off-campus course requirement and to obtain directions to the school from campus. Note that the first one or two class meetings may be on campus.

Other off-campus Courses

Other courses are offered off-campus outside of regular school hours for the convenience of students and because of the overcrowded conditions on campus.