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Teaching Coaches


Teaching coaches provide service to the College through supporting colleagues’ teaching activities. Department chairs have nominated coaches based on their positive teaching evaluations over time, innovative instructional pedagogies, and ability to dialogue with colleagues about teaching. Our teaching coaches view serving in this role as an opportunity to exchange ideas and enhance their own teaching as well as encourage conversations about effective teaching in the college.

Teaching coaches contribute approximately 10 hours of voluntary service per semester, working with colleagues through in-person discussions and/or classroom observations (on-campus only). Classroom observations may involve a teaching coach sitting in on your class, or you may wish to observe a teaching coach in action in their classroom. Individuals, co-instructors, or small groups may seek support from a CED teaching coach for areas such as interactive teaching strategies, co-teaching, teaching with technology, rubric development, classroom dynamics, and culturally competent pedagogy. All discussions and/or classroom observations are by request only and conversations between teaching coaches and colleagues are held confidential.

Request an In-person Discussion and/or Classroom Observation

Make your request via the CED Teaching Coach Request Form to be matched with one of the teaching coaches. This resource is offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

2019-20 Academic Year Teaching Coaches

Shametrice Davis [on sabbatical in 2019-20]

Areas of emphasis: inclusive pedagogy, intergroup dialogue, co-teaching, using research and practice-based assignments, discussing sensitive/personal topics in class, navigating tense class discussions and student interactions

Jonathan O’Brien

Areas of emphasis: interactive activities, large group dialogue, co-teaching, using research-based assignments, developing rubrics, revising syllabi, discussing sensitive/personal topics in class, using a mastery grading system, student/peer writing and review

Kristin Stout

Areas of emphasis: facilitating small group dialogue and discussion, flexible means of class engagement and informal assessment/accountability, utilizing rubrics and clear explanation of task/assignments, co-teaching among faculty, time management and organizational strategies

Shelley Xu

Areas of emphasis: delivering content in a fully online or a hybrid format, creating and applying rubrics for student evaluation