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Program Specific Forms

Please visit the Current Students tab on the Graduate Studies Office website for a list of forms.

Advancement to Candidacy (ATC) typically occurs for Educational Administration students during their second semester in the program (spring semester). Please note that you must have successfully completed at least 6 units in the program prior to Advancing to Candidacy.  During the EDAD 621B seminar course, typically taken in the second semester of the program, you will complete and submit a program planner (ATC form) to your EDAD 621B instructor. Your instructor will provide feedback on your plan. Once finalized you will email (or submit through BeachBoard) a signed form to your instructor and keep a copy for yourself. The program coordinator will then provide a list of students to the College of Education Graduate Studies Office, who will process the advancement and notify Enrollment Services of your eligibility to Advance to Candidacy for the master’s degree.  

Please review all guidelines for Advancement to Candidacy here.