Mary Jane Patterson Scholars

The Mary Jane Patterson Scholarship was established in 2019, as part of the Teachers for Urban Schools Project, to support post-baccalaureate students pursuing multiple, single, and education specialist credentials at CSULB who are interested in teaching in urban classrooms and working with students who have experienced educational and socio-economic disadvantages, including African American students. 

Meet the 2022-23 Mary Jane Patterson Scholars (Cohort 4)

Aaron Olamide Carter

Aaron Carter

Liberal Studies ITEP

I am interested in becoming a teacher because I want to be the person children become motivated by and develop ambition for their careers. What uplifts me to become a teacher is realizing that teachers hold so much power because we can create and build people to impact our society positively. I am interested in teaching in a diverse urban school with students who have experienced educational and social-economic disadvantages because I was once a student in the same predicament.


Sara Martinez

Sara Martinez Barajas

Urban Dual Credential Program

I started substitute teaching 6 years ago. Some of the thoughts and feelings of teachers of urban youth that I overheard in various teachers’ lounges over the years were very disheartening to say the least. I decided to get my credentials so that the urban youth in my community could have someone who cared and believed in them. It has always been my goal to be where I am needed the most and I couldn’t decide if that meant in the general education arena or special education. The Urban Dual Credential Program at Cal State Long Beach has fulfilled all my needs and helped me to find where I belong.

Chanel Ruth Lee

Chanel Lee

CDFS Child Dev Family Stds BA

I want to show representation for the youth because it will inspire them to know that they can also be an educator also. Becoming a teacher is such an important role because we are the ones that are inspiring the next generation and are creating a safe environment for the students. I am highly interested into working in diverse urban schools because I want to let children know that there's light at the end of the tunnel. Building a strong connection with the children allows me to hear them express their motives about their socioeconomic disadvantages of what they go through in education. And as a teacher I want to do everything I can to help the students pursue their achievements.