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Dr. Kristin Powers recently served as a scientific reviewer for the U.S. Department of Education on the Institute of Education Sciences’ Research Networks Focused on Critical Problems of Policy and Practice in Special Education grant review panel. Sought for her expertise in reading interventions and Response to Intervention (RTI), Dr. Powers joined other researchers with specializations in MTSS in Washington, DC for the panel.
In the 2018-19 academic year, the College of Education awarded $362,532 in donor supported scholarship funds to 135 CED students.  Many of these students were honored and recognized, along with their donors, at the annual College of Education Scholarship Reception held last October. 
College of Education alumna, Dr. Fawzia Reza has recently published her first children’s book, Mary and her New Friends. The book, which was created as an undergraduate project, explores South Asian culture and themes of empathy and inclusion through the protagonist, a young girl named Mary who is also in a wheelchair. In the story, the shy Mary uses her artistry skills for henna designs to help make new friends. Dr.
Dr. Cara Richards-Tutor has received the 2018 Samuel A. Kirk Award for her research article, “Review of Single Subject Research Examining the Effectiveness of Interventions for At-risk English Learners” included in Learning Disabilities Research & Practice. The winning article surveyed 10 case studies and reviewed the efficacy of interventions in English language learners at risk of or with learning disabilities. Named after Samuel A.
“Overwhelmed with support,” is how CSULB student teacher Alayna Grapel describes her mentor teacher relationship at Starr King Elementary School in north Long Beach. Starr King is a participant in the CSULB Anchor School program funded by the S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation, which creates a model of deep clinical practice benefitting both student teachers and their on-site master teachers.
Interim Department Chair, Teacher Education, Dr. Huong Nguyen recently shared her U.S. immigration story with NPR’s NextGenRadio. The article shares stories of discrimination faced by Dr. Nguyen during her early career, but also the valued legacy of teaching excellence and empathy that Dr. Nguyen has fostered throughout her career as an educator.