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The College of Education welcomes its new CED Staff Advisory Council Co-Chairs, Yesenia Hernandez and Hellen Carcamo!
This fall, Dr. Caroline Lopez-Perry and Dr. Jake Olsen presented at the Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (ACES) conference in Atlanta. Their presentation, “Anti-Racist Practices in Counselor Education” focused on the importance of having structures in place in counselor education programs in order for school counselors to enter the field prepared to provide anti-racist school counseling programs and services.
The CSU Center to Close the Opportunity Gap recently hosted a webinar series presented by Marlene Carter from the UCLA Writing Project titled “Actions Anti-Racist Educators Must Take in Their Classrooms This School Year.” This series provided attendees practical tools to create an environment that shows value for people of all races and cultures. Attendees explored anti-racist actions teachers in all subjects must take in their classrooms and schools to support their students.