Our Approach to Planning an Evaluation

The following principles translate into some specific steps and practices when we work with our evaluation clients.

Early Involvement

While we can step in as evaluators at any point in the process, our role works best when we are involved from the moment you start planning the program. That way, we can help you articulate program goals, design a logic model, and develop an evaluation plan that is tightly integrated with your program and services.

Customized Planning

Everything we do is customized to your needs. Each evaluation plan, each data collection instrument, each report reflects the timeline, goals, and needs of the program we are evaluating. We want to be as creative and efficient as possible in helping you learn what it is you want to know.

Regular Reporting

Some programs need just an annual report. Other, more complex programs may not need a single annual report but instead call for periodic reports on specific initiatives. Sometimes data just need to be organized for reporting on a funder’s web site. We work with our clients to identify how we can best meet your needs.

Iterative Planning

We know that plans change. If evaluation is about learning, that sometimes means that what you want to know and learn can evolve. Thus, we make sure that at least once a year we work with you to revisit the evaluation plan and make any needed changes.