About the Center

CEEE promotes effective educational programs and services for students at all educational levels, in both formal and informal settings. We accomplish this through using an interdisciplinary, capacity-building, PK20 perspective to:

  • Examine the effectiveness of practices, programs, and services for advancing equity, access, and achievement in educational settings;
  • Support the application of data-based, high-impact practices, programs and services;
  • Encourage innovation and effectiveness in organizational, instructional, and programmatic practice;
  • Work with partners to develop effective practices for urban education.

We seek to:

  1. Promote effective educational programs and services to facilitate the success of all populations across educational levels.
  2. Facilitate a culture of inquiry at CSULB (within the College of Education and throughout the campus) regarding practical questions related to delivering effective programs and services.
  3. Advance student learning of evaluation and research through training and experience.
  4. Build and support research and grant capacity within the College of Education.