How the Process Works

  1. At our first meeting, our goal will be to learn about your project and goals. If you are interested in an evaluation, we will want to learn as much as possible about the program you want evaluated. If you have past annual reports, surveys or anything you think will help us, we encourage you to bring them along or send them in advance. If you want us to look at an organizational need or issue, feel free to bring any information (strategic plans, org charts, etc.) that you think will help.
  2. In our first meeting, our goal will be to get a clear picture of your needs and we run some ideas and possibilities by you to get your feedback.
  3. After that initial meeting, we will develop ideas, plans and options for you to consider, together with a general estimate of the costs involved.
  4. From that point forward, our goal is to work with you to design a plan (a scope of work) with which you are comfortable. Once we have that in place, we finalize the budget, sign the scope of work, and get to work!