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NPR’s NextGenRadio Shines a Light on Dr. Huong Nguyen

Published January 23, 2019

Interim Department Chair, Teacher Education, Dr. Huong Nguyen recently shared her U.S. immigration story with NPR’s NextGenRadio. The article shares stories of discrimination faced by Dr. Nguyen during her early career, but also the valued legacy of teaching excellence and empathy that Dr. Nguyen has fostered throughout her career as an educator. “As she overcame discrimination, Nguyen made sure that she cared for individuals who couldn’t speak up for themselves and who were less privileged than she was. ‘I felt that I needed to be a strong voice and be an advocate for…the...people who did not have those opportunities. I think they are the ones that needed to be empowered…I felt that that would be where my impact would be most substantive,’ Nguyen said.”1 Full article.


1. Torres, Dominic. "Prejudice Leads To Teaching Legacy for Vietnamese Professor". NPR NextGenRadio, January, 2019.