Service & Outreach

The Bureau of Government Research and Service (BGRS) is a unit within the Graduate Center for Public Policy and Administration (GCPPA) in the College of Health and Human Services (CHHS) at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB). It is headed by a Director who reports to the Chair of the Center.

The mission of the Bureau is to support the teaching, research, and service functions of the Center. THe Bureau fulfills this mission in several ways. The Bureau conducts research of benefit to the discipline of public policy and administration and disseminates that research. It offers a variety of services (training, consulting, contract administration) to the wider public policy and administration community in southern California, linking academicians with practitioners. Suitable activities for the Bureau include offering training workshops, seminars, and conferences of interest to the public policy and administration community, writing grant proposals for funded research, conducting funded research, contracting for services to public and nonprofit agencies; and undertaking these activities in cooperation with other similar entities. It offers opportunities for students to develop their skills by working on Bureau projects. And it generates support for the development of Center faculty, such as travel to professional conferences.