Master of Public Administration

General Information

Public administrators today are becoming increasingly aware of the fact that government is, indeed, the people’s business. They are challenged to be both effective and efficient. They believe that people tend to support what they help to create. Working with citizens, they have brought the practice of public management to its highest level without giving up the desire to constantly change and improve. The difference is that today’s public servants are recognized and rewarded in personal and material ways, making the study of public policy and administration a highly desirable career option.

The Graduate Center for Public Policy and Administration offers the Master of Public Administration degree; Options in the degree program include Public Works Administration and Urban Affairs; and graduate certificate programs exist in Employer-Employee Relations and Personnel Management, Public Management Analysis, and Public Sector Financial Management.

The Center’s graduate level programs are designed with a professional emphasis and a recognized need to provide course work that will increase the student’s competency in public administrative processes and analysis. The Center’s curriculum also is designed to emphasize the student’s ability to apply new knowledge, skills, and leadership techniques to the solution of public problems.

Admission applications are encouraged from persons with successful government service who wish to pursue, part-time or full-time, a graduate program designed to prepare them for new opportunities in public service or to expand or extend their capacities in a present position.

The Center provides education in public policy and administration to professional persons in such fields as public works, social services, public health, community development, criminal justice, educational administration, recreation administration, finance, personnel, policy analysis, urban and regional planning, systems analysis and urban administration. The Center is accredited by the Network of Schools of Public Policy Affairs and Administration, Commission on Peer Review and Accreditation (NASPAA, 1120 G Street, NW, Suite 730, Washington, DC 20005, phone: 202-628-8965).

A detailed summary of requirements, current course offerings, and procedures for the Master of Public Administration degree program, the Options in Public Works Administration and in Urban Affairs, and the graduate certificate programs, are contained in student handbooks available from the Graduate Center for Public Policy and Administration.

Information is also available in the University Catalog.

A Report of Public Policy and Administration Graduates

These women and men are working in the public sector at all levels of government--city, county, state and federal. They also are working in the health care field, in educational institution, and special districts.

View the Graduate Center for Public Policy and Administration at California State University, Long Beach Report of Graduates (PDF), Employment Statistics 2020-2021, and Employment Statistics 2020-2021 DLMPA (PDF).