Student Spotlight

Published January 11, 2022

I chose to get a Master’s in Public Administration due to the diverse opportunities I could explore in my career. Since receiving my MPA in 2016, I have worked in numerous non-profit jobs and now in the government sector. I knew I wanted to work in public service and the MPA degree has provided me with the tools needed to advance in my career. 

My job has completely transitioned from being in the office five days a week to primarily working from home. During the first few months, it was a tough adjustment working from home, but now I have an at-home setup where I can be equally productive in the office as at home. I foresee a more hybrid approach once the pandemic clears. It has also assisted in my work-life balance. 

Oakland has numerous organizations that work to combat racial justice. Organizations such as Black Organizing Project, East Oakland Collective, and Youth Uprising. I have firsthand experience working at Youth Uprising. Here are some additional resources to other organizations in the Bay Area: Supporting Organizations Working for Racial Justice.

Sports fanatic, read, watch films, travel, relax with Lady Bear (my dog).