Volunteer at OLLI

OLLI Organization

OLLI is a fully volunteer-staffed organization. With only 3 paid employees, volunteers are our lifeblood. OLLI member volunteers are the creative source for all the courses, special events, social activities, publications, and classroom services. Volunteering creates a more vibrant learning community and connects you to other OLLI members. It’s a great way to make new friends and is personally satisfying and rewarding. Volunteer jobs vary in time commitment, skills needed and frequency. OLLI Committee Chairs and Board members are always on the lookout for volunteers. Don’t be bashful! We always need help!

How Do I Volunteer?

Review the opportunities below….you may find a particular job that is attractive. You will find contact information for each opportunity

To understand our volunteer needs, it may help to know a little about how OLLI is organized. We are a non-profit, tax-exempt organization with articles of incorporation and bylaws. The Governing Council (14 members) sets policies, approves budgets and oversees OLLI operations. It elects the Executive officers: President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Additional volunteers are needed for Working Groups that have been established to oversee OLLI operations:


Publications, marketing, public relations, community outreach, and archives.

  • Produce The SUN – a quarterly newsletter/course catalog and other publications as required
  • Create marketing brochures, special event flyers and meet to plan PR events

Chairpersons: Contact the OLLI office for Communications or Jan Stein for Marketing 


Non-technology curriculum, special educational events, and satellite classrooms​

  • Establishes the non-technology schedules, including class offerings, leaders, locations, dates, times, and catalog descriptions.
  • Evaluates the effectiveness of classes and class leaders using class feed-back from students and/or peer review.
  • Offers, in cooperation with the Technology Working Group, instructor training in classroom presentation techniques and technology.
  • Plans and implements special events or guest lectures

Chairpersons: Contact Donna Hawk 


Technology lab and instructional technology.

  • Establishes and oversees curriculum for technology classes.
  • Recruits instructors and coaches for technology classes and evaluates their effectiveness.
  • Makes recommendations regarding the purchases and or donation of IT hardware and software.
  • Offers in cooperation with the Education Working Group, instructor training in class-room presentation techniques and technology.
  • Provides technical assistants to help operate audio-visual equipment when requested by an instructor.
  • Develops and maintains equipment so as to minimize class disruptions in the event of equipment failure.
  • Oversees the process of equipment repairs, replacements, and enhancements.

Chairpersons: Contact Kathy Winkenwerder  or Wesley Peck

Member Services 

Membership, volunteers, social events, and fundraising.​

  • ​Assists in recruitment and retention of members.
  • Assists in recruiting volunteers to fill needs as identified by the Governing Council and working groups.
  • Distributes The SUN and other membership recruitment materials as necessary to the greater Long Beach community.
  • Organizes general membership meetings
  • In conjunction with the PR/Marketing Working Group coordinates participation in University and community events.
  • Organizes at least one volunteer recognition event per year.
  • Organizes events such as socials, dedications, holiday celebrations, excursions, and memorials.

Chairperson: Contact Karin Covey  

Governance Working Group

  • Initiates the strategic planning process and development of annual and long-term goals and presents these to the Executive Council for discussion and approval by the Governing Council.
  • Oversees the nomination and election of Governing Council Officers.
  • Oversees the mentoring and grooming of potential future leaders for the organization.
  • Makes recommendations to the Executive Council of persons to fill Governing Council vacancies.
  • Reviews the bylaws annually and recommends revisions to the Governing Council.
  • Drafts and presents to the Governing Council for its approval revisions of existing policies and procedures and new policies and procedures that are deemed necessary.
  • Conducts an annual review of the strategic plan and recommends modifications as needed.

Chairperson: Contact  Bill Shaddle