The 2023 OLLI Bylaws
Approved version from October 14 , 2023,  Member meeting. 


Article I — Name

The name of this Center shall be: “Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at California State University Long Beach” (OLLI at CSULB) hereafter known as OLLI.

Article II — Purpose

  • OLLI at CSULB provides educational opportunities, encourages an active lifestyle, and promotes social opportunities for older adults.

  • We celebrate the positive aspects of aging through a community that fosters personal growth, promotes individual empowerment, and nurtures human potential through lifelong learning.

Article III — Relationship to California State University Long Beach

  • OLLI is a Center under the direction/guidance of the Dean of the College of Health and Human Services, hereafter known as the College, and of the Executive Director of OLLI.

  • The CSULB Foundations provide financial services for a fee as determined by the Foundations.

Article IV — Membership

Membership in OLLI is open to all persons age 50 or over who subscribe to the spirit and purpose of OLLI and are willing to abide by the provisions of its bylaws and policies.

  • A member shall be any person who qualifies for membership as described above and joins during the membership year.
  • Annual membership year shall be for the period of October 1 through September 30.

Member benefits include the following:

  • Voting privileges.
  • Opportunity to serve OLLI as a volunteer.
  • A University identification card, which allows use of the University library and other selected University facilities.
  • Seminars, special events, travel and tour opportunities.
  • Other programs or services designated by the University, the College, or the Governing Council.

  • Membership fees and tuition will be established by the Governing Council.
  • Such fees should fund budgetary and financial requirements of OLLI.
  • All fees shall be paid at time of registration for membership or classes.
  • Additional fees may be collected, as needed, to pay for instructional or other materials not covered by regular tuition fees.

Article V — Advisory Board

The purpose of the Advisory Board is to advise the College administration and the Governing Council as follows:

  • Promotes the mission and vision of OLLI.
  • Provides support for members of the Governing Council.
  • Acts in a collaborative partnership with the Executive Director and Governing Council and advises on policy development and interpretation.
  • Acts as an advocate supporting the interest and needs of OLLI.
  • Provides advice and assistance in curricular and fiscal matters.
  • Communicates community concerns and interests to the Executive Director and the Governing Council.

  • One member of the Advisory Board shall be a faculty member and one member a student from the College.
  • Additional members serve by invitation from the Dean of the College upon the recommendation of the Advisory Board, and in accordance with Advisory Board Policies and Procedures.

Article VI — Executive Director

  • The Executive Director is an employee of the University reporting to the Dean of the College or designee. The Executive Director is appointed by the Dean with the participation of representatives of the Governing Council in the selection process. The term of appointment is three years, with renewal based upon funding and satisfactory performance as determined by the Dean or designee in consultation with the Executive Council.

The position has overall responsibility for the successful implementation of OLLI’s programs, provides leadership to other staff in carrying out policies of the organization, and ensures that the organization’s objectives are effectively pursued.

 The Executive Director:

  • Acts as liaison between OLLI and the College, other University entities, and the Osher Foundation.
  • Is responsible for all program aspects, in consultation with the Executive Council, Governing Council, and OLLI membership.
  • Supervises fiscal management of OLLI
  • With the Dean of the College, is a signatory on all financial transactions
  • Coordinates OLLI collaborative relationships with the University, external agencies, community partners, volunteers, and the public.
  • Develops resource and grant opportunities to support program development.
  • Advocates for OLLI in on- and off-campus settings.
  • Maintains shared governance between the campus and the Governing Council.
  • Assists the Governing Council in achieving OLLI strategic goals.
  • Oversees all operations and administration (staff, volunteers, programs, and services).
  •  Serves as an ex officio member of and works in collaboration with the Executive Council, Governing Council, and all working groups.
  • In collaboration with the Governing Council, periodically surveys the membership to gather member demographics, assess program satisfaction, assess potential initiatives, and solicit suggested improvements.

Article VII — OLLI Governing Council

  • The Board of Directors of OLLI shall be known as the Governing Council and shall consist of the Executive Council members, the leader of each Core Working Group, and two elected members at large.
  • The purpose of the Council is to provide a governing body for OLLI. The Governing Council, in collaboration with the Executive Director, shall be responsible for decisions concerning policy, fees, approving the annual budget, assigned strategic plan goals and updates, hiring of staff, and curriculum. Council decisions shall be determined by a majority vote of its members who are present and voting. Votes may only be taken if the quorum requirements of Article IX, Section 2, of these bylaws are met. In the event a Core Working Group has co-leaders, all are entitled to attend Governing Council Meetings and participate in the business of the Governing Council; however, each Core Working Group will have only one vote which shall be apportioned evenly between the co-leaders present and voting.

The Officers of the Governing Council will be comprised of the following and will have full voting privileges with the exception of the President who will vote only in the event of a tie:

  • President
    • Responsibilities, in collaboration with the Executive Director:
  • Policy Administration
    •   Ensures that the organization functions in a lawful and ethical manner and in accordance with Policies and Procedures established by the Governing Council and the University.
    •  Provides leadership in determining/reviewing the organization’s mission, plans, and objectives.
    • Ensures that organizational activities are established within appropriate time frames.
    • Contributes to and reviews required reports of OLLI activities to the Osher Foundation and the Academic Senate.
  • Board Leadership
    • Presides over all general membership meetings as well as Executive and Governing Council meetings.
    • Appoints or approves working group leaders.
    • Serves as an ex-officio member of all working groups.
    •  Maintains a cooperative, mutually supportive relationship with the Executive Director.
    • Attends meetings of the Advisory Board.
  • Public and Community Relations
    • Promotes the goals of the organization.
    •  Represents OLLI at official functions.
  • Leadership Development
    •  Promotes the development of selected volunteers to assume future key leadership roles.
    • Assists in identifying key persons in the community who could serve the organization.
  • Vice-President
    • Performs all duties of the President in his/her absence.
    • Performs other duties as requested by the President.
    • Serves as leader of the Governance Working Group.
    •  Coordinates activities of ad hoc working groups.
    • Acts as an ex-officio member of all Core Working Groups.
  • Treasurer ––In consultation with the Executive Director
    • Ensures that all Research and 49er Foundation and CSULB financial administrative procedures are followed.
    •  Ensures that all financial reports accurately reflect the status of the organization including the receipt, deposit, and disbursement of funds.
    • Provides quarterly financial status reports to the Governing Council.
    • Ensures that all legal and insurance obligations are properly met in accordance with CSULB Foundations and University policies and procedures.
    • Prepares an annual budget for approval by the Executive Council, the Dean, and the Governing Council.
  • Recording Secretary
    • Takes minutes at all Governing Council meetings and maintains the official file of these records, including all pertinent materials that were handed out during each meeting.
    • Distributes completed minutes to the Governing Council for review and approval at the subsequent meeting.
    • Documents action items from Executive Council meetings.

  • Membership
    • The Executive Council consists of the four officers of the Governing Council and the immediate past President of the Governing Council.
  • Duties and Responsibilities
    • Recommends to the Executive Director and the Governing Council policies and procedures affecting the operations of OLLI.
    •  Administers, with the Executive Director, OLLI policies and procedures.
    •  The Executive Council, in conjunction with the Dean and the Executive Director, is empowered to take actions and to make relevant decisions relating to OLLI, subject to subsequent ratification by the Governing Council at its next regular meeting.
    • Establishes, with the Executive Director, the performance goals for OLLI and its staff, officers, and working groups.
    • Organizes evaluations of OLLI performance goals for all staff, officers, and working groups.
    • Provides input to the Dean on the performance of the Executive Director. Evaluation and retention decisions follow established policy for University employees and reside with the Dean of the College.
  • Meetings
    • The Executive Council shall meet monthly and shall prepare the Governing Council meeting agendas.
    • The President may call meetings of the Executive Council as needed and when petitioned to do so by any two of its members.

The Governing Council includes two members at large. Each member at large has the following responsibilities:

  • Represents the general membership in the Governing Council.
  • Serves as a member of the Governance Working Group in accordance with Article VIII, Section 2.
  • Establishes specific goals for the term of office, with the approval of the Executive Council.
  • Reports on the status of the classroom art gallery, the annual OLLI art show, and coordinates activities with the University arts community.
  • Performs ad hoc roles as assigned by the President and the Executive Council.

The general membership shall elect the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, and two members at large. The working group leaders shall be appointed or approved by the President.

  • Election of officers shall be held every odd-numbered year at the annual fall general membership meeting.
  • The Governance Working Group shall select a nominating committee of five members six months before the election specified in sub-section 4.1 and publicize the names of the nominating committee to all members.
  • All OLLI members will be encouraged to submit names of potential candidates to the nominating committee at any time prior to the fall general membership meeting.
  • The nominating committee will announce a slate of candidates prior to the fall general membership meeting. Nominations may also be made from the floor at the fall meeting.
  • In the event the nominating committee is unable to find a member who is qualified to hold a particular office, the committee shall immediately report this matter to the Governing Council, which may, by majority vote, waive the term limits specified in Section 5 of this article and permit an incumbent to run for another term in that office.
  • All members in good standing and present at the election meeting may vote. Proxy voting is not allowed.

  • The Governing Council officers and members at large are elected positions. Individuals elected to these positions will serve for two years and may be re-elected to one consecutive two-year term.
  • Each elected Council member shall hold office until his/her successor is elected or appointed. Elected members shall take office on the first day of the month following their election.
  • Appointed members shall take office on the date specified by the President.

  • Any member of the Governing Council may resign at any time by giving written notice to the President of the Governing Council and the Executive Director. Any such resignation will be effective on the date specified on the written notification.

  • All Governing Council vacancies may be filled with appointments by the Executive Council, in consultation with the Executive Director, to complete the term.

  • The Executive Council may remove officers or working group leaders for documented neglect of duty or malfeasance, such removal being subject to the approval of the Executive Director and the Governing Council.

Article VIII — Working Groups

Members may volunteer to serve on a Core Working Group with the approval of the President or group leader. The group leader shall be elected by the working group or appointed by the

President. The leader or co-leader of each Core Working Group shall represent the group as a member of the Governing Council as specified in Article VII, Section 1, and shall oversee group activities and functions. Each group shall organize itself into subgroups, committees, task forces or other functional units, as it chooses, in order to fulfill its responsibilities. When there is overlap between working groups, the groups shall cooperate so as to fulfill their responsibilities.

  • Education Working Group––non-technology curriculum, special educational events, and satellite campuses
    • Responsibilities
      • Establishes the non-technology curriculum, including class offerings, leaders, locations, dates, times, and catalog descriptions.
      • Evaluates the effectiveness of classes and class leaders using written class feedback from students and/or by peer review.
      • Offers, in cooperation with the Technology Working Group, instructor training in classroom presentation techniques and technology.
      • Plans and implements intersession programs, guest lectures, and special presentations.
  • Technology Working Group ––technology lab and instructional technology
    • Responsibilities
      • Administers the technology lab in accordance with College and University computer use and security policies.
      • Works with the College Informational Technology Consultants to support OLLI I/T equipment and software.
      • Establishes and oversees curriculum for technology classes.
      • Recruits instructors and coaches for technology classes and evaluates their effectiveness.
      • Makes recommendations regarding the purchase and/or donation of I/T hardware and software.
      • Offers, in cooperation with the Education Working Group, instructor training in classroom presentation techniques and technology.
      • Provides technical assistants to help operate audio-visual equipment when requested by an instructor.
      • Develops and maintains work-arounds so as to minimize class disruptions in the event of equipment failure.
      • Oversees the process of equipment repairs, replacements, and enhancement
      • Tracks and recommends emerging academic technology trends.
      • Explores distance-learning in accordance with Osher Foundation standards.
  • Communications Working Group––publications, marketing and public relations and archives
    • Responsibilities
      • Produces The SUN––the quarterly newsletter/course catalog––and other publications as required, including marketing brochures and special event flyers.
      • Engages in marketing and public relations activities including collaboration with other CSULB entities for mutual benefit.
      • In conjunction with the MSWG, coordinates participation in University and community events (e.g., health fairs).
      • Ensures posting of news and events to the OLLI website and social media links.
      • Archives items of historical interest such as editions of The SUN, other publications, bylaws, policies and procedures, meeting minutes, and member surveys.
      • Makes historical archives accessible to all members.
  • Member Services Working Group––membership, volunteers, social events, and fundraising
    • Responsibilities
      • Assists in recruitment and retention of members.
      • Assists in recruiting volunteers to fill needs as identified by the Governing Council and working groups.
      • Distributes The SUN and other membership recruitment materials as necessary to the greater Long Beach community.
      • Organizes activities and events to welcome and orient new OLLI members.
      • Organizes general membership meetings.
      • In conjunction with the CWG, coordinates participation in University and community events (e.g., health fairs, Age Friendly University).
      • Organizes at least one volunteer recognition event per year.
      • Organizes events such as socials, dedications, holiday celebrations, excursions, and memorials.

  • Membership
    • The Governing Council Vice President shall chair this group.
    • Other members shall include at least the immediate past President of the Governing Council, the two elected Members at Large, and an OLLI member who is not a member of the Governing Council.
  • Responsibilities
    • Initiates the strategic planning process and development of annual and long-term goals and presents these to the Executive Council for discussion and approval by the Governing Council.
    • Oversees the nomination and election of Governing Council Officers.
    • Oversees the mentoring and grooming of potential future leaders for the organization.
    • Makes recommendations to the Executive Council of persons to fill Governing Council vacancies.
    • Reviews the bylaws annually and recommends revisions to the Governing Council.
      • Drafts and presents to the Governing Council for its approval revisions of existing policies and procedures and new policies and procedures that are deemed necessary.
      • Conducts an annual review of the strategic plan and recommends modifications as needed.

  • The OLLI Governing Council President, in conjunction with the Executive Director, shall determine and establish ad hoc working groups as needed. The group leader shall submit periodic reports to the Governing Council either in person or in writing. When attending Governing Council meetings, ad hoc group leaders shall be entitled to a voice in the proceedings but shall not have voting privileges.

Article IX — Meetings

  • The Governing Council shall meet at least ten (10) times per year. There must be a quorum of members to constitute a meeting for voting purposes. A quorum consists of a majority of the members of the governing council as defined in Article VII, Section 1.1, of these bylaws.
  • Governing Council meetings are open to all OLLI members. The agenda for each meeting should include an item allowing members to address the Council.
  • When deemed necessary or expedient by the President and Executive Director, a meeting for voting purposes may be conducted either via telephone or electronically via e-mail.

  • Working Groups shall meet as necessary to fulfill their responsibilities. Meetings should disseminate information from the Governing Council and develop inputs for the Governing Council.

Article X — Amending Bylaws

Amendments to the bylaws shall be proposed by the Governance Working Group and submitted to the Executive Council and Governing Council.  If approved by a  by a simple majority vote of the Governing Council, they will be presented to the general membership and adopted by a two-thirds vote of the members present and voting at any general membership meeting.

Article XI — Parliamentary Authority

The rules contained in the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order shall govern this organization in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these bylaws and any special rules of order the membership shall adopt.

Article XII — Dissolution Section 1––Distribution of Assets

In the event of dissolution of OLLI, the net assets shall be applied and distributed as follows:

  • All liabilities shall be paid or provision shall be made therefore.
  • No assets shall be distributed to any member of OLLI.
  • All remaining assets shall be transferred to the College.


  • This Center was founded in 1996 as California State University at Long Beach, College of Health and Human Services, Senior University. Doors were opened on October 04, 1996 for classes. In March 2004 we joined the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute and amended our name to Osher Lifelong Learning Institute––Senior University at CSULB. Then on June 10, 2006, we changed our name to Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at California State University Long Beach.
  • The change in the Center’s name was formally approved by the Board of Trustees of the California State University on September 18, 2007.

Approved by Governing Council on August 16, 2019.

Approved by Monica Lounsbery, Dean, CHHS
Ratified by Membership