Undergraduate Program Options & Courses

School Health

The School Health Education Option is designed for individuals who desire to pursue a professional preparation program leading to qualification as a health education teacher in middle, junior, and high schools. Graduates may also pursue other administrative careers within a school district such as health education curriculum coordinator, or a substance abuse prevention coordinator. In addition to core requirements, students seeking this option must also be admitted to the College of Education's Single Subject Credential Program. Students must successfully complete all required coursework and teaching assignments leading to a California Single Subject Teacher Credential.

School Health Program Planners (Requirement Worksheets):

Community Health Education

The Community Health Education Option is designed for individuals interested in the links among lifestyle, social and physical environments, and good health. The occupational objective of those selecting this option is to serve as a community health educator in public or private health care agencies, voluntary organizations, medical clinics or corporate settings. Health educators use a variety of communication strategies, policy implementations, teaching methods and creative learning experiences to promote voluntary actions, and informed decisions conducive to health. Health educators are specifically trained to:

  • Assess health education needs.
  • Provide communication regarding the distribution and determinants of disease and injury.
  • Plan, develop, implement, manage and evaluate health education programs
  • Participate in social planning, advocacy, and coalition building.

Community Health Program Planners (Requirement Worksheets):

Minor in Health Science

Minor in Health Science (Requirement Worksheets):