Health Science Graduate Association (HSGA)

The Health Science Graduate Association (HSGA) is an organization dedicated to providing Master of Public Health (MPH) students the opportunity to network with peers, faculty members, community members, and health professionals. As a member, students will actively be able to network and attend workshops, fundraisers, and social events.


The HSGA is an association for graduate students in the Health Science Department at CSULB to network and become active community members. Our goal is to “maximize the student experience!”. This goal includes providing academic, emotional, social and professional support to students of community health education.

What are the benefits?

  • Networking with peers, faculty members, community members and health professionals
  • Opportunities for members to attend workshops, participate in fundraisers and social events
  • Structured but flexible meetings with an open forum for input from all students
  • Collaboration between faculty and students and space for open communication between board and members

Membership Requirements

To qualify as an active member of HSGA, there are couple of tasks that must be completed during the period of one semester. 

  • Attend at least one general meeting, event, OR workshop during the semester.
  • Submit an online HSGA Membership Application.
  • Pay the appropriate membership fee ($5) per semester.

Upon completion, students will receive a certificate of completion.

For more information, contact the following:

General Contact

Faculty AdvisorDr. Niloofar Bavarian