Career Opportunities

Alumni of the Department are leaders in public health and health education. Students who major in Health Science may choose to pursue careers in teaching, program planning, or administration in a wide variety of settings including:

  • secondary schools, community colleges/universities
  • local and county health departments and agencies
  • volunteer agencies such as the American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, and Planned Parenthood
  • hospitals and health clinics
  • industrial corporations
  • health maintenance organizations
  • community-based organizations

For more information, check out these career options:


Community health educator leading a meeting with community m

Community Health Education

Help increase access to health services and education. Community health workers conduct research and educate people in their community to prevent health issues and promote wellness.


School teacher leading class

School Health Education

Teach health science in California middle and high schools. School health educators teach young people health and wellness strategies so that they can make healthy choices, and prevent illnesses, obesity, and addiction.