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Practical hands-on experience is a cornerstone of a CSULB engineering degree. The CECEM Department's instructional laboratories include:

  • CE Computer Lab (VEC-224): Antonella Sciortino
  • CEM Computer Lab (VEC-321): Tesfai Goitom
  • Construction Materials Lab (EN3-117): Mehran Rahmani
  • Environmental Lab (EN3-111): Pitiporn Asvapathanagul
  • Fluids Lab (EN4-123): Antonella Sciortino
  • Geotechnical Lab (EN3-113): Lisa Star
  • Highway & Structures Materials Lab: (VEC-128): Vesna Terzig
  • Joint Training & Certification Lab (EN3-119):  Shadi Saadeh
  • Marine Construction Lab (EN3-121): Andrea Calabrese
  • Materials Lab (EN3-117): Vahe Kludjian
  • Structures Lab (VEC-129): Paul Ko
  • Surveying Lab (EN3-121B): Antonella Sciortino
  • Transportation Computer Lab (VEC-218): Emily Parentela

Most of the classrooms and computer labs are capable of projecting images and video from the instructor's computer/laptop, which is connected to an overhead LCD projector and sound. All computers in the CEM labs use the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system, and have 3-GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processors and 4 GB RAM. The CECEM Department designates a blueprint reading/plotter room (VEC-302) for the CEM program.