Engineering Honors Track

Academically successful and motivated students have a chance to complete their engineering program in four years through the Engineering Honors track within the University Honors Program. Honors-level courses, and a thesis are some of the ways the program prepares students for success as practicing professionals and for graduate studies.

Computer lab instruction

Participation in the Engineering Honors track offers students a fast-track plan toward undergraduate degree completion, a structured experience that fosters advanced research inquiry and skills, builds upon academic confidence and communication in research skills, and cultivates academic independence needed at the graduate-school level.

Through this accelerated track, students can earn priority registration by attending honors-sponsored events throughout the semester. Engineering Honors builds upon the skills and personal attributes that exemplify the spirit of the engineering profession, qualities that have great appeal to employers and engineering graduate schools. Students who successfully complete the program receive an Honors Certificate and special recognition during the university commencement ceremonies. Students will receive distinctive transcript notations, indicating honors coursework and completion of the Engineering Honors track.

  • Cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher
  • Ability to complete the unit requirements of the selected Honors Plan

*If some criteria are unmet and under special circumstances, applicants may be evaluated for special admissions consideration by the Honors Program Director

**Newly admitted University Honors students who are accepted into on-campus housing will be placed in Honors House (Los Cerritos Residence Hall), subject to space availability.

First Round with President’s Scholarships consideration (First-year, transfer and continuing CSULB students*)
Feb. 1: Application period opens
March 1: Application closes (Deadline for completed application and Letters of Recommendation**)


*Continuing CSULB students are not eligible for the President's Scholarship.

**It is suggested that you submit your application at least a week prior to the deadline to give your recommender ample time to submit their recommendation on your behalf.

Second Round (First-year, transfer, and continuing CSULB students)
March 15: Application period opens
May 15: Application closes (Deadline for completed application)


Spring Program Admittance (Transfer and continuing CSULB students)
Sept. 1: Application period opens
Oct. 1: Application closes (Deadline for completed application)

Engineering Honors Track I (minimum 21 lower and upper division units)

Designed for entering first-year students as of fall 2016. All honors coursework, except the thesis, is meant to be double counted with the engineering major and the CSULB GE requirements.

  • 1 unit ENGR 101H Intro to the Engineering Profession
  • 1 unit ENGR 102H Academic Success Skills
  • 1 unit Intro to the major (EE 200H, CECS 105H, CHE 100H, CE 101H, MAE 101AH, MAE 101BH, or BME 100H)
  • 6 units lower or upper division engineering honors courses
  • 9 units lower or upper division GE honors courses
  • 3 units ENGR 498H or UHP 498 Honors Thesis

Engineering Honors Track II (minimum 15 upper division units)

-Designed for upper-division transfers from community colleges and continuing CSULB students

-All honors coursework, except the thesis, is meant to be double counted with the engineering major and the CSULB GE requirements.

  • 6 units upper division engineering honors courses
  • 6 units upper division GE honors courses 
  • 3 units ENGR 498H or UHP 498 Honors Thesis

Academic Requirements to Remain in Engineering Honors Track

Engineering Honors students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher in Honors and in all University courses attempted to earn an Honors Certificate. Students who fall below these required minimums are required to create a success plan with an honors academic advisor until they have reached a GPA of 3.00 or higher in all GPA calculations.   

Additionally, students who have failed to enroll in courses for Honors credit for two consecutive semesters are not considered in good standing and will normally be withdrawn from the Engineering Honors.  Demonstrated lack of engagement in the CSULB Honors community as well as dishonest behavior/plagiarism are also grounds for dismissal from the Engineering Honors track.