Joining CSULB as a freshman student interested in studying engineering? Take advantage of one of our programs designed to help you jumpstart your college career.

Beach Engineering Student Success Team (BESST)  lets freshmen register as part of a cohort. That means BESST students can see fellow students and teachers almost every day. Tutoring is provided to help keep up grades in difficult classes such as Calculus.

First-semester freshmen entering engineering have the chance to get off to a great start at CSULB by enrolling in BESST. The mission is to help students succeed by supporting them academically, developmentally, and socially. The goal of BESST is to increase the success rate of all College of Engineering students, specifically those from diverse backgrounds and with greatest need whose math preparation is not at the Calculus I level. The program offers cohort registration and supplemental tutoring designed to not only acquaint the BESST members with faculty, staff, and students, but also to introduce them to university facilities and resources.

BESST kicks off with the Engineering Summer Academy in August, where students commute to CSULB and attend workshops to prepare for the coming year. The program continues through the academic year, where students take designated courses with the same classmates, receive individual and group tutoring and mentoring, attend workshops and social activities, and become eligible for scholarships.

Deadline to apply: June 30, 2022

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