100+ Women Strong

Building a supportive community to inspire success for CSULB women in engineering

CSULB College of Engineering's 100+ Women Strong is a giving campaign to advance women in engineering and computing. The goal is to provide resources that will attract, nurture, retain, support, and promote women in engineering and computing through mentoring, personal development, networking, and career assistance. The campaign will be spearheaded by the 100+ Women Strong Steering Committee, a group of successful female alumni and leaders with degrees in chemical engineering, civil engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering. 

Among the early-stage actions that have been identified:

  • Create positive dialogue with panel discussions, presentations, and forums
  • Create opportunities for early- and mid-career female faculty
  • Reach out to K-12 students
  • Celebrate women’s success

Nationally, women account for only about 18 percent of college students studying engineering and 13 percent of women teaching engineering. The CSULB College of Engineering has made strides in both areas—increasing the proportion of female engineering students from 14 percent in 2010 to 20 percent currently and ranking fifth nationally for the proportion of female tenure/tenure-track faculty.

However, more can be done. The College of Engineering would like to increase the percentage of female engineering students to 25 percent by 2025, and adopt strategies for increasing retention of female faculty.

Note: CSULB events and scholarships are open to all CSULB students, regardless of sex, race, or ethnicity.