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Dudley Library

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Hema Ramachandran at Dudley LibraryWith the opening of the John H. Dudley Memorial Library in EN2-109, students and faculty won’t have to make the long trek from the College of Engineering to University Library for research help. 

Engineering Librarian Hema Ramachandran will be available in the Dudley Library two days per week. She will also be available by appointment by emailing her at

A large percentage of the University Library’s resources are available online from any location. However, consulting a librarian can be helpful for guidance for in-depth research, particularly for senior design projects, research papers, theses, and projects.

The library has a small number of workstations and café seating and electrical outlets for laptop users. No food or drinks are allowed.

Who was Dudley?


John H. DudleyThe library is named after the late Brig. Gen. John Henderson Dudley, (front row, middle) who joined CSULB in 1960 as a civil engineering professor after an illustrious military career. A 1930 graduate of West Point, who went on to earn a master’s degree in engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dudley used his engineering skills to help build airfields and facilitate site selection for Los Alamos National Laboratory during World War II. 

Upon retiring from CSULB in 1970, he left a collection of geotechnical books to be housed in the John H. Dudley Library in the College of Engineering. In addition, a generous donation from Dudley, his wife Margery, and the Dudley Charitable Remainder Trust endows the John H. Dudley Scholarship.