BEACH 2030

BEACH 2030

A place where imagination and learning have no barriers.

The ever-changing world we live in demands a response. Do we maintain the status quo, or remain flexible while navigating the new landscape? Often times the answer lies in how we react to change. 

For higher education to be truly innovative, institutions sometimes have to break free from the constraints that bind them. They may have to look for ideas from nontraditional sources to create innovation. How does this happen when campuses are typically confined with time-honored constraints? It takes a bold new approach to break down barriers, and rebuild with fresh new ideas.

This is BEACH 2030.

BEACH 2030 is all about imagining the future of this university, the campus, the curriculums and offerings, as well as our role in the region and the world. While the future is in many ways an open canvas, the next 10 years will bring forces of change that will require adaptation and reinvention: changing work skills, changing technologies and disciplines, changing climate patterns and regional communities. Armed with the knowledge of these forces, we can imagine alternative possibilities of how we might respond to new conditions, opportunities and challenges.