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Graduate Advisors

Dr. Shankar

Aerospace Engineering
Praveen Shankar
Office Hours: W 4-6PM 
Zoom ID: 989 6089 853 or  email for appointment
Passcode: NA

Ehsan Barjasteh

Chemical Engineering 
Ehsan Barjasteh

Office Hours: T 5-7PM 
Zoom ID: 941 1077 0929
Passcode: NA

Vesna Terzic

Civil Engineering
Vesna Terzic
Office Hours: T 5-6PM
Zoom ID: 915 2588 2939
Passcode: 558124

Bo Fu

Computer Engineering and Computer Science
Bo Fu
Office Hours: MW 1-2PM and 4-5PM
Zoom ID: 956 1147 0678

Sean Kwon

Electrical Engineering 
Sean Kwon
Office Hours: TH 10:30AM-12:30PM
Zoom ID: 952 9309 2426

Dr. Torabzadeh

Mechanical Engineering/MSE
Jalal Torabzadeh 

Office Hours: TTH 4:30-5:30PM 
Zoom ID: 951 8915 3680
Passcode: MSME-OH