Heavy Civil Engineering

The Hoover Dam. The Golden Gate Bridge. The Mercer Sreet Tunnel in Seattle. All are examples of Heavy Civil Engineering, a branch of engineering centered around design and construction of airports, bridges, canals, dams, levees, roads, and tunnels. As infrastructure ages, civil engineers will be needed to manage projects to rebuild, repair, and upgrade structures of all types.


Students using the MTS test apparatus

The Civil Engineering and Construction Engineering Management Department at California State University Long Beach is expanding its educational offerings. The department is establishing an emphasis on this growing branch of engineering with generous support from the Beaver's Charitable Trust, which devotes its proceeds to assisting students entering the heavy construction industry. At CSULB, Beavers has funded a full-time lecturer position and an MTS 370 Uniaxial Servohydraulic Load Frame for teaching and research. Students can use the load frame to learn how to assemble the components for testing and analyze and discuss real-time output of test results.

The MTS load frame can be used for testing high-strength concrete samples. It is available for remote or in-person use by CSU faculty and students and other researchers,  To inquire about its use, contact Assistant Professor Mehran Rahmani or Assistant Professor Andrea Calabrese.