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CECEM Faculty

Name Title Office Phone Email Office_Hours
Dr. Lisa Star Chair, Associate Professor,  CE Undergraduate Advisor (A-K) VEC-102 562.985.5118

Chair Office Hours: M 4-5PM and TH 2-3PM via Zoom (

Advising: Make appt. using BeachConnect. Zoom ( or in person (VEC-102) 
Advising Hours: M 3-4PM, T 1-2PM and F 11AM-12PM (or by appt.)

Dr. Amir Aryan Lecturer VEC-503 562.985.5768 TBD
Dr. Pitiporn Asvapathanagul Associate Professor/
CE Undergraduate Advisor (L-Z)
VEC-108A 562.985.5147

M 5-6PM 
T 9-10AM 
W 11AM-12PM (or by appt)

Dr. Vahid Balali Assistant Professor VEC-309 562.985.1643 TBD
Dr. Andrea Calabrese Assistant Professor VEC-503A 562.985.8547 TBD
Dr. Shailesh Chandra  Associate Professor VEC-506 562.985.4654 TBD
Dr. Tesfai Goitom Professor VEC-301 562.985.8020 TBD
Dr. Jin Gi Hong Associate Professor VEC-107 562.985.2440 Sabbatical F21
Dr. Laurie Huning Assistant Professor VEC-204A 562.985.1790 TBD
Dr. Joseph Kim Professor/CM Undergraduate Advisor VEC-306A 562.985.1679 TBD
Dr. Yu-Fu Ko Associate Professor VEC-207 562.985.7884 TBD
Dr. Feike Leij Lecturer/COE Graduate Coordinator VEC-128A 562.437.5119 TBD
Dr. Elhami Nasr Professor VEC-308 562.985.1591 TBD
Dr. Tang-Hung Nguyen Professor VEC-307 562.985.1661 TBD
Dr. Emily Parentela Professor VEC-203 562.985.4932 TBD
Dr. Maryam Qudrat Lecturer/WCRC Coordinator VEC-108 562.985.7818 562.985.7818 TBD
Dr. Mehran Rahmani Assistant Professor VEC-504 562.985.8624 TBD
Dr. Shadi Saadeh Professor VEC-205 562.985.4147 TBD
Dr. Antonella Sciortino Professor/Interim Associate Dean Academic Programs ECS-607 562.985.8032 TBD
Dr. Tariq Shehab Professor VEC-306 562.985.1643 TBD
Dr. Vesna Terzic Associate Professor/CE Graduate Advisor VEC-502 562.985.7816 TBD
Name Title Office Phone Email Office_Hours
Andres Acosta Lecturer VEC-303 562.985.5874              TBD
Dr. Nasima Bhuiyan Lecturer VEC-303 562.985.5118 TBD
John Bollinger Lecturer VEC-303 562.985.5118 TBD
Dr. Elena Bourbour Lecturer EN3-113 562.985.5118 TBD
Lino Cheang Lecturer EN3-113 562.985.5874 TBD
Mandro M. Eslami Lecturer VEC-101 562.985.5118 TBD
Jimmy Francisco Lecturer EN3-113 562.985.5118 TBD
Abdul Haikal Lecturer VEC-303 562.985.5118 TBD
Jaime Irahola Lecturer VEC-303 415.244.2228 TBD
Alireza Kazem Lecturer VEC-101 562.985.5118 TBD
Steve Kinaly Lecturer VEC-303 562.985.5118 TBD
Tim Koster Lecturer VEC-303 562.985.5118 TBD
Mamta Kumari Lecturer VEC-101 562.985.5118 TBD
Michael Lahlou Lecturer EN2-107 714.713.6962 TBD
Thang Le Lecturer VEC-101 562.985.5118 TBD
Loan Miller Lecturer VEC-303 949.259.3798 TBD
Dr. Haile Neguse Lecturer VEC-303 562.985.5118 TBD 
Michael Pulley Lecturer VEC-303 562.985.5118 TBD
Khalid Rafique Lecturer VEC-303 562.985.5118 TBD
Jeremy Redman Lecturer EN3-111 562.985.5118 TBD
Shahrzad Roshankhah Lecturer VEC-303 562.985.5118 TBD
Benjamin Smith Lecturer EN2-107 562.985.5118 TBD
Dr. Michael Steinberg Lecturer VEC-303 562.985.5118 TBD
Dr. Rebeka Sultana Lecturer VEC-109 562.985.5558 TBD
Gideon Susman Lecturer VEC-101 562.985.5118 TBD
Mehdi Tavakolan Lecturer VEC-303 562.985.5118 TBD
Jason Tsou Lecturer VEC-303 562.985.5118 TBD
Jian Juei Wang Lecturer VEC-219A 562.797.2057 TBD
Pai-Kang Wang Lecturer VEC-303 562.985.5118 TBD
Tom Wang Lecturer VEC-219C 562.985.5118 TBD
Dr. William Wolfe Lecturer VEC-308 562.985.5118 TBD
Marwan Youssef Lecturer ET-108 562.985.5118 TBD
Kumars ZandParsa Lecturer VEC-219 562.985.5118 TBD