Programs to Become a Teacher

Basic Teaching Credentials

Teachers in California schools earn their initial credential in one of three areas, depending upon their career objectives:

Elementary Teaching (K-8)

Those preparing for a career teaching at the elementary level pursue a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential (MSCP). Program choices vary according to when a student decides to become an elementary teacher and other individual needs.

Secondary Teaching

Those desiring to become secondary teachers (high school or junior high level) earn a Single Subject Credential in the subject area in which they wish to specialize. The Single Subject Office coordinates programs in many different subject matter departments at CSULB leading to a Single Subject Credential.   Sometimes individuals can add a Supplementary Authorization to their credential in a second area of expertise. Consult the Credential Center for information about Supplementary Authorizations.

Special Education

Those desiring to teach students with disabilities earn an Education Specialist credential, offered at CSULB through the EdPAC Department.