Shuhua An

Teacher Education

Coordinator of the Graduate Program for Mathematics Education


Dr. Shuhua An has had teaching experience in math and math education at various levels for 30 years in both China and the U.S.  Her research areas include comparative study, teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge, assessment, technology, and classroom teaching research. Dr. An has been leading the international Classroom Teaching Research for All Students Research Group involving more than 30 universities from seven countries since 2008. She is the author of the books entitled, “The Middle Path in Math Instruction - Solutions for Improving Math Education” and “Teaching Elementary and Middle School Mathematics Using the MSA Approach: Model, Strategy, and Application,” and the author of numerous research articles and book chapters.  Dr. An was a member of Board Directors and Founding Treasure for California Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators from 2004 to 2007. She was also a member of Board Directors and a Treasure for AERA Special Interest Group: Research in Mathematics Education from 2012-2014. Dr. An was the Chair of Math Specialist Committee for California Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators from 2010-2014. In addition, Dr. An is an Editorial Board Member of the Journal of Mathematics Education, an Editor of the Special Issue of ICME12 TSG25 of the Journal of Mathematics Education, an Editorial board member for the Journal of Quaderni diRicerca in Didattica, an Associate Editor of the Journal of the School Science and Mathematics, and an Associate Editor of the Journal of Mathematics and Science Education.

Ph.D., Texas A&M University, 2000

My research focuses on mathematics teachers’ knowledge, teaching ability, classroom teaching research, assessment in student mathematics thinking, and comparative study in mathematics teaching and learning between US and Asian countries.

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Using Math Clinic to support struggling students’ mathematics learning. Keynote Talk at the Seventh International Conference on Technology and Mathematics Education and Workshop of Mathematics Teaching, Taiwan.

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An, S., Gordon, S. (2013). Problem-Based Learning on Creating Equations for Maximizing Volume in Real World Problem Solving.  Paper presented at the 5rd Classroom Teaching Research for All Students (CTRAS)  Annual Conference, Fuzhou, China.  

Wu, Z., An, A.S., & An, S. (2013). Father’s role in Chinese children education. Paper presented at 21st Annual International Conference of CAERDA. San Francisco, CA.

  • Director for the Graduate Program in Mathematics Education at the College of Education at CSULB, 2009 - Present.
  • Chair of the Grade Appeals Committee of the Department of Teacher Education.  2010 - Present.
  • Chair of the Evaluation of Lectures Committee of the Department of Teacher Education. 2006 - 2007.   
  • Chair of the Technology Committee of the Department of Teacher Education.  2005 - 2007.
  • Chair/Co-Chair of the East Asia Committee of CSULB.  2003-2005.

  • Member of Leadership Team for Topic Study Group 8 on Teaching and learning of arithmetic and number systems for the International Congress on Mathematical Education for ICME-13. 2015.
  • Co-chair of Topic Study Group 25 on in-services education, professional development of mathematics teachers for the International Congress on Mathematical Education for ICME-12. 2012.
  • Chair of the Math Specialist Program Committee for CAMTE. 2011 - Present.
  • Treasurer and Member of Board Director of AERA Special Interest Group: Research in Mathematics Education. 2012 - 2014.
  • Founding and Member of Board Director Treasurer of California Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators in 2004-2007
  • Chair of Nanjing Session for the Third East Asia Regional Conference on Mathematics Education (EARCOME 3) in Shanghai, Nanjing, and Hangzhou, People's Republic of China August 7 - 12, 2005.
  • Lead of the Classroom Teaching Research for All Students Research Working Group since 2008.

  • Initialed and Lead for Classroom Teaching Research for All Students Group(CTRAS) among 22 universities in five countries. 2008 – Present.
  • Organized the Annual conference for Classroom Teaching Research for All Students (CTRAS) from 2009 to 2015. 

  • EDLD 798 Doctoral Dissertation
  • EDCI 698 Thesis Study in Mathematics Education
  • EDME 695 Advanced Studies in Math Education
  • EDME 550 Global Perspectives in Mathematics Teaching
  • EDME 520 Algebra: Research-Based Pedagogy
  • EDME 504 Advanced Mathematics Methods in Teaching II
  • EDME 503 Advanced Mathematics Methods in Teaching I
  • EDME 502 Research in Math Teaching and Learning
  • EDEL 462 Mathematics in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Classrooms

Organized the Summer Teacher Institute – East Meets West for a group of Chinese teachers and children and a group of US children and classroom teachers for enhancing their international perspectives in teaching and learning in summer 2010, 2011, and 2012 in Long Beach, California.

Provided East Meets West Program to US classroom teachers via online lesson studies with international colleagues from China and  Taiwan in 2013, 2014, and 2015.

Initialed and organized and supported CSULB graduate students for providing the Math at the Beach event for local school teachers and pre-service teachers in spring 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015.

  • East Meets West Program
  • Using the MSAR model to support and assess diverse student mathematics thinking and to enhance teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge
  • Chinese elementary and middle school mathematics lesson study
  • Classroom teaching research for all students