Noah Asher Golden

I am a literacy education researcher and teacher-educator who strives to illuminate connections between theory, methodology and teaching/learning practices. My work engages socio-cultural and critical approaches to literacy education, and centers on issues of equity and opportunity. As a scholar and teacher-educator, I participate in multiple communities invested in the creation of deep and authentic learning experiences for all learners.

The thread that ties all of my work together is a deep-seated belief that our work in education can and should make powerful differences in people’s lives. There are important things at stake in our research, methodological and theoretical discussions, teaching, and service in multiple fields. It is for this reason that I believe that our work should be in dialogue with the members of multiple communities: fellow scholars, practitioners, community activists, parents, and students. In my past work as a high school English teacher, literacy coach, and instructor in teacher education programs, I felt that there were many unnecessary borders between these domains. I work alongside others to engender collaborations that can transcend these artificial divisions.