Online Application Submission

General Admissions Process

  • Complete the Cal State Apply application and pay non-refundable $70 fee 
  • Submit program application materials online (see below for details)
  • Submit official transcripts.
  • Await notification.
  • Interviews for admission will be held at the CSULB Campus on Friday, February 17, 2023. Applicants are expected to save-the-date for a potential interview. Applicants will be notified by email approximately 1 week before the interview date whether or not they are being invited to the interview.

NOTE: The Statement of Purpose prompt and other required materials may be found under "Program Materials - Documents Tab in Cal State Apply"


Completed applications must be submitted by the following deadline:

Fall 2023
Application period begins: October 1, 2022
Application due date: December 1, 2022

Applications are not accepted after the deadline.

Use Cal State Apply to apply and be sure to complete all components of the application by the published deadline.

The Cal State Apply dashboard is divided into four sections:

  • Personal Information: contact information, biographic information and financial information, etc.
  • Academic History: colleges attended, GPAs, etc.; do not hand-enter transcript information
  • Supporting Information: enter “I am not adding any experiences”
  • Program Materials: statement of purpose, recommendations, etc.

Please refer the tutorial on the GSO Tutorials and Tips for Applying website for tips on filling out these sections of Cal State Apply. Please also refer below for detailed information for what documents to submit for the program materials.

Lastly, there is a non-refundable $70 application fee. Your application will not be processed until this fee has been paid. Please note that the CSU system does not offer a fee waiver for graduate level applications.

Important: you may only apply to one graduate program per CSU.  If you are unsure about which program is best for you, contact the Graduate Studies Office.

For technical assistance with Cal State Apply, please contact the Cal State Apply Help Desk:  (857) 304-2087, via email, or visit the Cal State Apply Applicant Help Center.  Cal State Apply Application Support is available Monday – Friday, 6:00 AM – 5:00 PM PT.

Section 4 of Cal State Apply application requires you to submit supplementary program materials for the Admissions Review Committee. Upload the following on the 'Documents' tab in the Program Materials section of Cal State Apply:

  • Statement of purpose (prompt provided below)
  • Résumé
  • Johnson Endowed Fellowship application (optional) 
  • Graduate Position in Housing and Residence Life application (optional) 
Statement of Purpose Prompt

Write a 3-4 page, double-spaced, focused presentation of yourself as a prospective professional counselor. We seek a clear and comprehensive introduction to you as well as a sample of your writing. We also want to know how your career goals align with the mission and objectives of SDHE. Please organize your statement according to these sections, using them as headings to separate each section:

• BACKGROUND: Describe your educational, work, and volunteer experiences, including the interpersonal relations, interests, and special skills and knowledge you possess that you believe are necessary to enter and practice the profession of student affairs/counseling.
• PROFESSIONAL/CAREER GOALS AND EXPECTATIONS: Describe your career goals, expectations, and aspirations and how the SDHE program will assist you in realizing them.
• SIGNIFICANT EVENTS/PEOPLE: Describe 1-2 events, individuals, or life lessons that were critical to your decision to pursue this profession. Connect the significant experiences to your goals/expectations and how the SDHE program can help you to achieve them.
STRENGTHS AND CHALLENGES: Describe yourself candidly in terms of your emotional, social, and intellectual strengths, with particular attention to areas for growth and how SDHE can influence your development.

Need help with writing your Statement of Purpose? Visit our website for tips and resources: GSO Tutorials and Tips for Applying.


Please upload the most recent copy of your résumé.

Need help with updating your résumé? Visit our website for tips and resources: GSO Tutorials and Tips for Applying.

Supplemental Materials - Optional Submissions

This part of the SDHE application is OPTIONAL. It is to be used by applicants who wish to be considered for the Johnson Endowed Fellowship and/or the graduate positions in Housing and Residence Life. If you do not wish to be considered for these financial support/work opportunities, please disregard this portion of the application. Please note that at the time of posting these applications, it is unknown how either opportunity may be impacted by logistical and financial concerns in Academic Year 2023-24.

Johnson Endowed Fellowship instructions: 

On a separate page, please respond to both prompts below in a total of 250 words or less:

  • The SDHE program is committed to access and equity in higher education and the promotion of social justice for all students. How does your prior work and academic experience align with this philosophy?
  • As a potential student, how will you build on this philosophy in your studies and fieldwork opportunities to prepare for a professional career?
Graduate Position in Housing and Residence Life instructions

On a separate page, please respond to the prompt below in a total of 250 words or less:

  • How would your role as a graduate student in residential life support the achievement of your personal and professional goals?

Enter the names and e-mail addresses for two recommenders below. Recommendations are preferred from recommenders who are familiar with your work, i.e., faculty members, supervisors, or mentors with sufficient experience to offer an informed and compelling statement of your skills and qualifications. We encourage you to seek the strongest possible letters regardless of the source. Therefore, we suggest speaking with your recommenders before completing this section.

When specifying the Due Date, enter 12/1/2022

You may complete and submit your Cal State Apply application before your recommenders submit their letters.

Lastly, please copy and paste the instructions below to include in the email request to your recommenders.

Please provide an accurate assessment of the applicant’s skills, strengths, and areas in need of improvement relevant to being successful in graduate school and in a career in higher education. Your candid comments will enhance our ability to more effectively evaluate the applicant’s file and are greatly appreciated.


This information has been updated and is final for Fall 2023.

If you have any questions or need help with the application process, please contact the College of Education Graduate Studies Office via email.