Practicum and Fieldwork

Student Development in Higher Education Practicum and Fieldwork must be completed independently of fieldwork that may have been completed in other Master’s Degree programs or Credential Programs. Only hours completed during enrollment in SDHE 593, SDHE 643B and SDHE 644B are acceptable.

SDHE 593: Seminar in Professional Development in Counseling and Human Services (1 unit) will take place during the Spring semester of the first year in the program. Please note, a total of 50 practicum hours will be fulfilled.

A total of 450 hours of fieldwork in the SDHE specialty shall take place at institutions of higher education (i.e., 2-or 4-year public or private college or university) and will take place during the Fall and Spring semester of the third year in the program. Select your fieldwork sites in consultation with your Advisor to ensure that they will provide experience in two or more functional areas of Student Development. All placements must be approved by the SDHE Coordinator.  An Application for Fieldwork must be submitted to the Graduate Studies Office and approved prior to enrollment in the first semester of Fieldwork. The Fieldwork Application deadline is March 1 to start the fieldwork sequence the following Fall term.

Fieldwork Courses:

  1. 1st semester Counseling Fieldwork, SDHE 643B (225 hours)
  2. 2nd semester Advanced Counseling Fieldwork,  SDHE 644B (225 hours)