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Alumni Spotlight


Thy P., Class of 2015

Photo of Thy P.


1. How has obtaining this degree and/or credential positively affected your employment experiences and life overall?

The master degree, combined with my lived experience, made me relatable. It gave me both the theoretical framework and the pragmatic ways to approach teaching in a humanizing way. There is ALWAYS a place to genuinely show concerns and practice genuine love for one another as we grow as human beings. We need to actively occupy the space we want to change.

2. Where are you currently working and what is your title/position? 

Lindbergh STEM Academy (LBUSD)/ Humanities Core Teacher (6th Grade). I teach… correction. I facilitate learning. Valuing each and every child’s unique experience and narrative, we learn how to better communicate and connect with one-another as human beings. I teach and help facilitate various communication skills (Reading, Writing, Research, and Speaking and Listening) in an effective manner that substantiate and validates their lived experience. I attempt to build confidence and solidify their place in the community.

3. What advice do you have for a prospective student to your program?

Be open. Be vulnerable and Be humble. Occupy the space you want to change. It requires courage and a tremendous amount of faith… but continue to be vigilant and hopeful.

4. What was your favorite/most memorable part of being a graduate student at CSULB?

The opportunity to connect with genuine people through genuine dialogue.