Social and Cultural Analysis of Education

Program Overview

The Master of Arts Degree in Education, Option in Social and Cultural Analysis of Education (SCAE), focuses on the social and cultural analysis of education in urban and global contexts. Emphasizing critical approaches to education, including critical theory and critical pedagogy, the degree's interdisciplinary nature provides the intellectual rigor necessary for analyzing the relationship between education and society and effecting social and educational justice. SCAE courses examine education in its historical, social, and political contexts, and may be applied to all levels of education—locally, nationally, and internationally. In the SCAE program, education is conceived broadly to encompass K-12 and higher education, community-based education, adult education and other spaces in which people engage in teaching and learning.

After completing the program graduates have a variety of career choices, not only in the educational realm but also in the private sector, nonprofits, and community organizations. The program also serves as an ideal foundation for further academic study at the doctoral level.

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