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  • Instructions to complete each task in S4 can be found under the corresponding heading listed below.
  • Check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) section found on the navigation menu on the left.
  • Email OCP at
  • Join us on Thursdays any time between 2pm and 4pm via Zoom.  Click the following link to access S4 support hours via Zoom.  If you do not have a computer, you can access Zoom using your phone by calling 669-900-6833 and entering the meeting ID 967 4329 9505. Please note: as we will be working one-on-one with individuals, there may be a small wait time. 

There will not be any Zoom sessions over the summer.  Zoom sessions will begin again at the begining of the Fall semester .  If you need assistance, pleae email us at

To access S4, navigate to the S4@theBeach Homepage.

Introduction to S4 @ The Beach

S4 is the new online platform the College of Education is using to track clearance documentation and hours for students enrolled in all levels of clinical practice.  This free program replaces many of the functions used in Taskstream as well as meets CTC accreditation compliance requirements.

S4 began rolling out for use during the 2019-2020 school year, with full implementation planned for the 2020-2021 school year. 

As S4 is in a partial roll out for the Spring 2020 semester, not all courses may be required to compete all requirements, however a general list of requirements by clinical level can be found below.  Students should check with instructors if they are unclear on which requirements to complete.

Students enrolled in a Clinical I course are required to complete the following:
1. The Clinical I Registration Form (upload CTC Clearance and TB Test)
2. Enter placement information and complete the Placement Confirmation Form
3. Upload time log/module log at the end of the semester
Students enrolled in a Clinical II course are required to complete the following:
1. Enter placement information and complete the Placement Confirmation Form
2. Upload time log/module log at the end of the semester
Students enrolled in a SSCP or ESCP Clinical III course are required to complete the following:
1. Complete Midterm/Formative Evaluation Request Form (at semester midpoint)
2. Complete Final/Summative Evaluation Request Form (at end of the semester)

Clinical I Registration Form

Click here for detailed step by step instructions on how to register. (PDF)

  1. Go to and log in with your Campus ID and Beach ID password.
  2. You will see the Clinical 1 Registration Form linked under the College of Education Clinical Programs section on the homepage (PDF).  
  3. Click on the Clinical 1 Registration Form to indicate all of the Clinical 1 courses you are enrolled in and upload your Certificate of Clearance (or other CTC clearance document) and your TB Test. 
  4. Once you have filled out the form, click submit at the bottom. You will then get a confirmation email that will include a link to an introductory letter for you to take with you to your school site on your first visit.

Once you have registered for your fieldwork courses on S4 @ The Beach you can then work on securing your placement. Fieldwork for all Clinical I and II courses are self-placements with the exception of Long Beach Unified. Candidates that are planning to do fieldwork in Long Beach Unified School District must also complete the LBUSD clearance and placement process in addition to registering on S4 @ The Beach. Self-Placements in LBUSD are NOT allowed. Candidates wishing to do fieldwork in LBUSD must submit an application and once cleared, LBUSD will place you at a fieldwork site.

Once you have secured a Clinical Fieldwork site, you need to return to S4 @ The Beach to indicate your fieldwork site.

Enter Placement Information for Clinical I and II

Fieldwork for all Clinical I and II courses is based on self-placement by the student with the exception of Long Beach Unified School District. Self-placement in LBUSD is NOT allowed.  Students planning to do fieldwork in Long Beach Unified School District must complete the LBUSD clearance and placement process to secure a placement. Once an application has been submitted to LBUSD, the student will be notified by email directly from LBUSD of their fieldwork site. It is the student’s responsibility to enter the LBUSD placement information in to S4.

Please note: For the Spring 2020 semester, S4 only allows you to enter one placement per course, therefore complete your placement information for the school and class you are completing the majority of your fieldwork hours in.  When you submit a time log at the end of the semester we will see all the schools/classrooms you have completed your fieldwork hours in.

COVID-19 UPDATE:   If you were unable to find a placement in a school site, but need to enter a placement so that you can complete the time log, please follow the directions below EXCEPT for step 3b select “Alternative Clinical Practice Activity” as your site.  The next step will be 3e as step 3d will be missing. At the end of the placement process do not complete the Placement Confirmation Form, just click Finish Placement.

  1. Go to and log in with your Campus ID and Beach ID password.
  2. Scroll towards the bottom of the homepage until you see a box entitled “Course” click the green placement button next to your course.
  3. Once you click Place, follow these steps to enter a placement:
    1. Click Search by Site
    2. Sites Page--Scroll and select the school district you are completing the majority of your fieldwork hours in.
    3. On the School District page--click Select this site (green button) Do not select a school site from this page.
    4. Select Opportunity page
      • If your school site is listed, click Select for your school site.
      • If your school site IS NOT listed, click Skip this Step (white button at top of page). You will have the opportunity to enter your school site information at the end when you complete the Placement Confirmation Form.   
    5. Dates of Placement Page---click Next
    6. Placement Forms Page—click Complete Form (enter placement information, then click submit)
    7. Once you complete the form, you will be taken back to the Placement Forms page---Click Finish Placement (green button)
  4. You will need to enter a placement, even if it is the same placement, for each course listed in the “Course” section of your homepage.

Timelog and Reporting Hours

At the end of the semester, Clinical I and II students will be asked to submit a time log for verification of fieldwork hours.  You will indicate the total number of hours spent in the field for each course and upload verification to S4. Candidates can use a log issued by the instructor or download a generic College of Education Fieldwork Verification Form to complete this task.  We encourage students to check with their instructor before using the CED Fieldwork Verification Form as some instructors have fieldwork logs specifically designed for their course.

Timelog Instructions for Summer 2020 Courses


Clinical III Information