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Study Abroad

The Department of Liberal Studies has continued to strive for increased study abroad opportunities for our students with each passing year, and continue to build international partnerships in order to continue for years to come. Below students will find two primary pathways on pursuing study abroad at CSULB - through a specific course option during Summer or Winter term(s), or by creating a full schedule abroad for Fall or Spring term(s). 

Course-Specific Opportunities for Summer & Winter


Students who want to take a course or two abroad during the Summer or Winter are encouraged to take a look at the listings offered below, as these courses all meet specific major requirements and have been historically successful experiences for Liberal Studies majors. Many of these courses are taught by Liberal Studies Faculty & Lecturers, and are easy to navigate in terms of course outlines/itineraries and professor contact information. If you hold any interest in any of the opportunities below, be sure to browse the information accordingly and contact the Professor hosting the specific trip. Then, you will visit and/or schedule an appointment with the Study Abroad Office for more information on next steps in documentation and payments.

ART 415 "Art Education" in Israel

Next Availability to be Determined.

Meets Core Requirement Area V / Group 4 (Visual Art) OR Area V / Group 5 (Arts Capstone) 

Experiences in self-expression from the California Visual and Performing Arts Framework while addressing children's artistic and aesthetic development. Following state content standards, students develop aesthetic perception, learn skills for talking about art, and gain understanding in historical and cultural contexts.

For further information and/or to express interest, contact Professor Johns at

L/ST 250 "World Historical Geography" in Rome

Group of Students in Rome
Group of Students in Rome.

Next Availability to be Determined.

Meets Core Requirement Area IV / Group 3 (World History & Geography) (formerly HIST/GEOG 250)

In this survey of early world history, students shall be introduced to the major cultural, economic, social and political characteristics of the early civilizations of the world. Chronological focus shall be on the Ancient (3500 BCE to 500 BCE) and Classical (500 BCE to 500 CE) periods, encompassing the content and chronology of the 6th Grade California Social Science Curriculum. Our focus will be to construct a historical geography framework and to do so with a global perspective that emphasizes interaction between civilizations and major cultures in the early world. Special attention shall be given to the Mediterranean region, with focus on its increasing intensity of cross-cultural contact and exchange between cultures and civilizations over time. Students shall examine the importance of trade, the spread of world religions, and the role of nomadic pastoralism in the diffusion of culture and technology across the periods of study. Through study in Rome, the heart of the Western Roman Empire in the Classical Age, students will examine and analyze evidence of not only the Roman Empire, but also of broader civilizational developments, the rise of global empires, and the spread of cross-cultural trade.

For further information and/or to express interest, contact Professor

L/ST 404 "Arts and Values" in London & Brighton, UK

Group Photo of Students in Oxford in front of Church
Group of Students in Oxford, in front of Christ Church.

Summer 2021

July 28, 2021 to August 18, 2021

Meets Core Requirement Area V / Group 5 (Arts Capstone) 

Liberal Studies 404 aims to build a foundation for exploring the value of the arts, especially related to their application within schools and communities.

Why study in England? This arts-based course relates well to any culture that has a rich history of the arts. England certainly qualifies, especially London and Brighton! The course emphasizes all arts as central to effective teaching strategies. Study Abroad L/ST404 in London and Brighton will offer students the opportunity for a deeper understanding of the arts within a culture that is both modern and ancient. Activities and excursions will include Museums (The Victoria & Albert, The Tate Modern), five theatre and music performances, a tour of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, visits to attractions, including The Tower of London, as well as visits to lesser-known areas of London, such as Brick Lane, the East End, and Camden.  While in Brighton, we will go out of town to Rottingdean, a beautiful nearby village steeped in history. 

MUS 363 "Music" in Paris

Group of Students in Paris in front of Eiffel Tower
Group of Students in Paris in front of the Eiffel Tower

Next Availability to be Determined.

Meets Core Requirements Area V / Group 1 (Music) or Area V / Group 4 (Visual Arts) 

Music 363 is an interdisciplinary course that focuses on visual art (including sculpture and architecture) and music and on the interrelationship among the arts in historical eras from the Renaissance through the 19th century. We will examine general principles common to all the arts, as well as specific patterns, structures and meaning that artists found in the cultural context of their day. The sheer magnitude of the visual art, architecture, and sculpture that we will experience in Paris will bring the arts in a manner that we cannot approach in the classroom in Long Beach. We will study the holdings of the Louvre and Musée d'Orsay, and we will take in the sights of Paris, including the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame Cathedral, and the Sainte-Chapelle. We will have two excursions outside of Paris—the Palace of Versailles and Chartres cathedral. All of our events will be accompanied by a local, expert guide who will help bring alive the history and meaning of the arts we will experience.

L/ST 471 "History Capstone" in Ireland

Group of Students in Ireland in front of Guinness Factory
Group of Students in Ireland, in front of the Guinness Factory.

Summer 2021

July 7, 2021 to July 28, 2021

Meets Core Requirement Area IV / Group 6 (History Capstone)

This course provides an exciting study/travel abroad opportunity for Liberal Studies Seniors, brought to you by a long-lasting partnership between Mary Immaculate College in Limerick, Ireland and the Department of Liberal Studies at CSULB. This course takes a global approach to understanding the method and teaching of history. The destination of Ireland offers students an opportunity to study a rich history and culture that are globally connected in important ways with American History. Both driving and walking tours will take students to specific locations discussed and covered in the course. Throughout the course, the first-hand experiences combined with increasing knowledge and familiarity with Irish history and culture will lend an in-depth understanding only possible through Study Abroad.

Building Your Own Semester-Abroad Experience

Students who want to take a full load of classes (four or five traditionally) during the Spring or Fall term(s) essentially "build their own journey". Students are encouraged to do their own research on opportunities and places abroad beforehand, and afterward will meet with an Advisor or Department Chair to discuss possible major course substitutions and credits, sign contracts, and then continue to meet with the Study Abroad office to finalize documentation and payments.


First: Research Study Abroad Opportunities & Contact a Study Abroad Advisor

We recommend students to start on the CSULB Study Abroad Website. The Study Abroad / International Studies Office provides information sessions, searchable databases with options around the world, and scheduling options with a Study Abroad Advisor.

Here are some recommended and historically-popular Study Abroad Semester sites to discuss with a Study Abroad Advisor for our Liberal Studies students, based on the breadth of course offerings that align with program requirements:

We recommend that students explore the website for possible places and/or institutions of interest around the world. And touch base with a Study Abroad Advisor, either through information sessions and follow-up Q&A and/or scheduling a meeting through your Single-Sign-On under 'Beach Connect'. The Study Abroad Advisors will review eligibility, application documents and processes, finances and deadlines, etc..

Second: Schedule an Advising Appointment for Approval

After meeting with a Study Abroad Advisor and determining a university abroad you would like to study at, the next step is to meet with a Liberal Studies Advisor to discuss substitutions and/or equivalencies. The Liberal Studies curriculum is fairly specific and student's won't generally find "automatic" equivalencies to know what credit they are getting for their classes abroad. It's important and required to meet with an Academic Advisor to discuss which class credits at CSULB will be met with Study Abroad coursework. The Liberal Studies Advisor will also sign with approval on the Study Abroad contract, which will designate which course/major classes are being met abroad.

If you let us know which courses and locations of the world you are most interested in, we'll take a look at your academic plan and see what works best in course equivalencies toward graduation. 

Have you participated in a Study Abroad Opportunity through CSULB? The Liberal Studies Department is always seeking student testimonials and/or photos for publishing on our website and/or social media, to help advertise how amazing these opportunities are. If you have a short testimonial (1 paragraph) and/or 1-2 photos you'd like to share from your abroad experience, students are always welcome to share and send to