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CalTPA Workshops for Candidates

The College of Education offers multiple workshops to support candidate success with CalTPA (Cycles 1 & 2).

Cracking the CalTPA

The free Cracking the CalTPA Workshops are open to the candidates currently student teaching in the Multiple Subject, Single Subject and Urban Dual Credential Programs at CSULB.  The workshops give an overview of the CalTPA cycles as well as some tips and pointers to use when completing your assessment.  The CalTPA Cycle 1 & 2 workshops are only open to current CSULB student teachers to ensure that there is enough room to accomodate all students that need to submit the CalTPA during Spring 2020.

An RSVP using the form below is required to attend the workshops and ensure that there is enough room for everyone. 
We highly recommend that you sign up for the workshops that correspond to your program since the information will be targeted to each specific programs at the workshops indicated below.

Spring 2020

Workshops Date Time Location RSVP
MSCP Cycle 1 Thursday, Feb. 27th 5-7 pm HSCI-100 RSVP
SSCP Cycle 1 Wednesday, Feb. 26th 5-7 pm PH1-141 RSVP
MSCP Cycle 2 Thursday, Mar. 26th 5-7 pm HSCI-100 RSVP
SSCP Cycle 2 Wednesday Mar. 25th 5-7 pm PH1-141 RSVP

CalTPA Tech Workshops

The CalTPA Tech Workshops assist students in clipping their video components for upload to the Pearson platform for CalTPA Cycle 1 and Cycle 2. For assistance, candidates should sign up for an individual appointment. Be sure to bring your videos with you to the workshop for assistance in clipping them and uploading.