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Focus Groups & Surveying

Focus Groups

Employer Assessment Project of Advanced Programs' Candidate Outcomes

In 2014, a research team from the college conducted a series of focus groups with employers who have hired a “critical mass” of our advanced program graduates in recent years, to gather employer feedback on how well the college and its programs have prepared our graduates to succeed.

EAP Final Technical Report (PDF)


As noted in Astin’s I-E-O model (2012), looking at the nature of the student experience is as important as looking at the outcomes. One of the main ways we do this in the unit is by using a suite of surveys in the college. These surveys allow us to learn about both experiences and outcomes as students move through the college and into professional practice.

Specifically, the college itself administers the following surveys on a regular basis:

  • Student Success Survey
  • Exit Survey for Advanced Programs
  • Alumni Survey for Advanced Programs

In addition, we access and summarize data from 2 surveys on initial teacher preparation done through the CSU Center for Teacher Quality:

  • Teacher Education Exit Survey
  • First-Year Teacher and Employer Survey

These surveys are administered, and their results disseminated to key audiences, based on a regular schedule.

You can access the college survey instruments and the college-level results in the table below:

Student Success CED Advanced Exit Alumni CTQ Initial Exit
Template Template Template No Template Available
  2018 Summary    
  2017 Summary 2017 Summary SSCP 2014 Exit Survey Response Summary
2016 Summary 2016 Summary   MSCP 2014 Exit Survey Response Summary
  2015 Summary   ESCP Prelim 2014 Exit Survey Response Summary
  2014 Summary    
2013 Summary 2013 Summary 2013 Summary  
  2012 Summary    
  2011 Summary    
  2010 Summary    
  2009 Summary    

In addition, the Assessment Office has two tools at its disposal to assist programs with collecting survey data:

Online Surveys

The Assessment Office uses Qualtrics and can work with programs to create and administer their own online surveys. This option is best for large numbers of respondents, repeated administration, and/or when the survey can be taken in a computer lab to ensure a strong response.

Paper Surveys

The Assessment Office can work with programs to create customized paper surveys that can be scanned for quick and convenient data entry. This option is ideal when programs wish to administer surveys in classes or at large events.