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Welcome Dr. Kerri Knight-Teague - Assistant Professor, Advanced Studies in Education & Counseling

Published November 12, 2019

The College of Education welcomed Dr. Kerri Knight-Teague, one of three new faculty members to join the College this fall! Read below to learn more about what Dr. Knight-Teague hopes to inspire in and teach her students, her research interests, and why she chose the College of Education at CSULB.

Dr. Kerri Knight-Teague
Dr. Kerri Knight-Teague

Why I chose the College of Education at CSULB


I chose the CED at CSULB because of its excellent reputation for teaching, applied research, and focus on equity. The CED models best practices in education and I am excited to be a part of this community.  


Why I chose the field of Education


I chose education, and ultimately the field of school psychology because there is positive change in the work we do. School psychologists are trained in several areas that are much needed in schools today: academic and behavior intervention, mental health, and consultation (particularly in helping school teams implement evidence-based practices). I chose my path because I loved using these skills to problem-solve in PK-12 settings. In my new role at CSULB, I am passionate about working with graduate students as future problem-solving school psychologists themselves. 


My research interests


I am interested in how school psychologists work with teams to collect assessment data that benefit diverse students. Many assessment activities take up a lot of time and do not lend useful information to problem-solving common school concerns. There is good information about what constitutes evidence-based assessment, but there is work to be done bridging training and implementation in schools. 


My teaching philosophy


I see teaching as an opportunity for students to develop critical thinking skills, become consumers of educational research, and develop a new part of their identity as a professional.


What I hope my students see in me


I hope my students see someone who is committed to helping them be successful.


What I hope to teach my students


Beyond the content that is important for our field, I hope to teach my students to never underestimate the importance of effective collaboration. Best practices are implemented and student outcomes improve when educators work together. 


What I hope to inspire in my students


I hope my students are inspired to be confident in their professional growth and celebrate small successes during graduate school and beyond.